11 Best Fitness Tech Gifts

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Searching for the best Fitness Technology Items can be overwhelming and confusing since there are so many to choose from in various price ranges. There is one for every fitness level or exercise type from the runner to the gym goer. Most all of them have a corresponding app to track all of your progress and to help meet future goals. Here is a great list to narrow it down for you!

1) Fitbit Aria

We all recognize Fitbit for the fitness armband accessory, but did you know they also sell a fitness scale!? The Fitbit Aria is a “smart scale” that can track your weight, body fat percentage and BMI. You can sync it to other mobile tools and review a graph of your progress to project your future goals. Another great feature is that the entire family can use it! Everyone’s account is private. It will work for up to eight people. Link it to other apps such as My Fitness Pal Or Endomondo. This is a scale you will love to step on each day to help stay motivated to continue a health conscious routine.

  • Average Price: $129.00
  • Sites to Check for Discounts: AmazonWalmart

2) Fitbit

The Fitbit Activity Wristband is super popular right now. It comes in different colors and styles that best match your workout activity level. Learn more about your sleep, exercise, activity levels, heart rate, eating habits, calories and more each day through the fitbit activity tracker.

  • Average Price: Starts at around $100.00
  • Sites to Check for Discounts: Best Buy

3) Adidas Universal Armband

Grab this universal armband for your phone or Ipod. Keep it close and safe as you run and exercise your way to good health. Includes a small pocket for your house or car key. It is made of lightweight nylon and includes a “touch – through” screen protector and headphone port. An athletic armband for your technology is an essential product, especially for your avid runner.

  • Average Price: $20.00
  • Sites to Check for Discounts: Amazon

4) Xbox Fitness Kinect Training

This is a great gift for those who may not want to leave the house for their workouts. With the Xbox Nike Kinect Training you can exercise anytime of day. It’s not just for gaming anymore. This program offers fitness plans and performance tracking as well as exciting workouts.

  • Average Price: $250.00

5) Sol Republic Relays 3 Button In Ear Headphones

Every athlete and fitness enthusiast needs a great pair of ear-buds. Music can be a great motivator during exercising. Grab the Sol Republic Relays 3 Button In Ear Headphones as a great accessory to your mobile device. They stay put, are easy to use, water and sweat resistant as well as lightweight. The only thing you should have to worry about is your fitness.

  • Average Price: Around $80.00
  • Sites to Check for Discounts: Amazon, Best Buy

6) Nike Fuel Band

The Nike Fuel Band is another fitness tracker that can keep you accountable for the amount of activity, calories and sleep you are getting each day. It comes in various colors and is easy to wear each day.

  • Average Price: $99.00

7) Perfect Fitness LED Arm Band

If you know someone who is a runner, this is the gift for them! Keep them safe while running at night! This simple LED light band can fit comfortably on your arm, wrist or ankle to ensure that you are visible to those around you when out in the dark. It will work for 72-96 hours, either as constant or flashing light. This buy is also very economical as far as tech gifts go.

  • Average Price: As low as $14.97

8) Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Kit

Any serious golfer would love this swing analyzer! You simply clip it to your golfing glove and it will sense your swing! You will be able to analyze your swing in 3D! Download the app for free to access new videos and swing features. The Zepp Gold Analyzer will let you track your progress and set new goals for your golf game!

  • Average Price: $149.99

9) Pear Sports Mobile Heart Rate Monitor

Here is an all in one kit fitness technology gift to grab! Get the Pear Sports Mobile training kit and have not only the fitness tracking, heart monitor device but the ear-buds, app and personal trainer as well! Set your goal and as you run have in ear coaching! It will tell you how much further you have left and if you should speed up or slow down. At the end of your workout you will be able to use the app to see how far you went, your average bpm, the time it took you as well as the amount of calories you burned. Your training is based off of your heart rate. The ear-buds are specially designed to stay put.

  • Average Price: $75.97
  • Sites to Check for Discounts: Amazon

10) LumaFit Fitness Tracker

The Lumafit is a headphone, earpiece that is a fitness tracker as well as a personal motivator!
If you don’t like wearing things on your wrists or ankles this may be the best option for you! It can track over 20 exercises, keep track of virtual progress where you can “level up” and unlock rewards and track your heart rate. You can take it to the gym with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout or exercise at home instead. Download the app to use all features.

  • Average Price: $129.00

11) Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed And Cadence Sensor

The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed And Cadence Sensor is a perfect gift for a cyclist! Just connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, clip the little device onto your bike and ride away while it monitors and records you pedaling rate, distance and speed. It is waterproof and very durable.
Can connect to any Apple Or Andriod device. Use it with apps like My Fitnesspal or the Wahoo app.

  • Average Price: $59.99