13 Black Friday Shopping Tips to Snag the Best Deals

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Black Friday is one of the best shopping events of the year, with the exception of what we now refer to as Cyber Monday! You can go all in and shop til you drop from Thursday night to Friday evening. Or you can pick a single store and shopping event to score your goodies. Any way you choose be sure to make it fun, wear good shoes, keep a sense of humor and be nice to those around you. We are all looking for the same thing. A good deal. Take a look at the ten best ways you can make your Black Friday Shopping Trip the most successful yet!

What is your Black Friday plan of attack this year?” Here are 13 of our favorite tips for making the most of Black Friday shopping.

  1. Make a List!
    The list is very important because you need to stay organized. The more details, the better off you will be on Friday. Write down everything you need to get. Who is on your list? What do they want? Where can you get it?
  2. Set a spending limit and make a list!
    It can be so easy to get carried a way with the hype of it all. Everyone is in a frenzy to grab everything with a sale price on it. Making a list will keep you focused and help you stick to your budget. Since the prices are listed in the sale ads you will know how much you intend to spend on each item before you head out.
  3. Plan your attack!
    Decide what stores you like most and what time you want to head out. Most of the stores have shopping events where different “Hot” items are unveiled at different times throughout Thursday night and Friday. For example if you are in the market for a Dyson and Target doesn’t start selling it until 11pm Thursday night, then you have plenty of time to eat dinner and relax before you run out to grab your deal.
  4. Snag a Map!
    This tip is especially important for stores like Walmart and Target. Most times within the online ad they will have a link listed where you can view and print out the store layout and where each Black Friday Item will be located. It is good to take a peak at these because the items are not always in their corresponding departments. Also, you will want to get to where they are as soon as possible to ensure that there is one left for you to grab!
  5. Stick to the Sales!
    Every year I see someone grabbing an item or two that has nothing to do with the Black Friday Event. Do yourself a favor and leave those for a regular shopping trip. You will waste your precious time and money on items you could buy anytime.
  6. Bring your coupons!
    In some cases you can apply store and manufacturer coupons to certain deals! One year I was able to pair a Target Coupon with a Merona Women’s Pajama Set, to score an even better deal.
  7. Carry the Sale Ads with You!
    Just in case your list is off and you need to reference the ad to double check sale prices and many stores will price match competitor ads if you have the ad with you. So throw them all in a bag before you go!
  8. Compare Prices!
    Just because it’s in the ad, doesn’t mean it is the items lowest price. Do a search on other sites from stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target to get a good price point on the item you are interested in. This way the stores do not fool you into thinking you grabbed the best price.
  9. Ditch the cart!
    The first Black Friday I shopped, I quickly realized that carts get in the way and slow you down! I couldn’t get passed the people or down the rows of deals with a cart. I had to ditch it in order to get to the items I was in the store for. Now this may not work well if you have a lot to grab or if you need something that is especially heavy like a T.V. However if you are like me and love many of the smaller items like Walmart’s $5 PJ sets for the kiddos Or a mini household appliance, you should be able to carry them easily in your arms or in a basket.
  10. Don’t just buy gifts!
    Each year it becomes more of “what do we need” than “who should I buy for”. My best scores have been household items like a stainless steel trash can and a steam mop. Both of which were more than 50% off of their regular price and we really needed them! Keep a look out for items like those.
  11. Take a Shopping Buddy!
    I love to shop with my family! We eat together and run out and shop together! Not only does this add to the fun and excitement but you can help each other out. For example in Kohl’s where the line tends to begin to wrap around the store very quickly, one of us always gets in line sooner than the rest to ensure that we will not waste our precious shopping time in line! You can also split up in the store, each being on a mission to grab certain items.
  12. Stop and Re-charge!
    Everyone needs to take a break at some point. I always stop for a Starbucks after a few hours of hard core Black Friday Shopping.
  13. Shop at Home and Don’t Forget About Cyber Monday!
    Most importantly, if you do not like crowds, I don’t recommend heading out in the chaos. Stay at home and try to grab a few of those deals from home right here on Coupon Divas and then wait for Cyber Monday. There will be great deals and you can shop from the comfort of your home (in your pajamas!).