7 Best Sites For Airline and Hotel Rates

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Are you ready to book a great trip that won’t bust your budget? Nowadays you do not need to pay a travel agent for what you can do at home! Simply make a search for the destination you are dreaming of and pick the best price! Take a look at the top travel, deal searching sites to ensure that you stretch your dollar as far as possible.


1) Expedia

Expedia will find you deals on virtually any vacation need from the flights, hotels and car rentals to cruises and activities! Search for a single deal or pair them, i.e. Flight+ Hotel Or Hotel + Car. Create an account and put in your travel needs and it will track the best deals for you and alert you when one is available.


2) Priceline

Priceline is one of the most trusted sites. It has been around for a number of years now and can offer you the best deals on Hotels, Flights, Cars, Cruises and Vacation Packages! The Fun thing about Priceline is their “Name Your Price Tool”. This is where you put in where you want to go and how much you are willing to spend. Submit your request and wait for your bid to be accepted. They will give you a ballpark estimate of the average prices of that area you desire, so that you can shoot for a reasonable request that fits your wallet.


3) Hotwire

Hotwire will also find you the best rates for Hotels, Cars Or Flights. Save more when you bundle these searches. It Looks like they offer occasional sale prices with a coupon code. Be sure to scan their site for any codes that can save you more before you book your trip!


4) Hotels.com

If your main search is for a place to stay. Hotels.com can take care of you. They can also find you the best deals in and around your trip’s destination. They have a loyalty reward program that you can take advantage of. After 10 nights you get the 11th FREE! They also offer gift cards, if you are looking to buy someone a much needed vacation. Be sure to check their deal of the day where you can save up to 50% Off!


5) Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor gives you all the perks of the other sites and then some! Find reviews and advice on different hotel packages, cruises,and resorts before you book them! This way you will know it is a good deal when it is of high quality, even though the price is low!


6) Kayak

This site is fairly new and specializes in comparing it’s vacationing rates with the other sites. For example when you do a destination search, they will not only give you the price they find but the price that Expedia or Priceline found as well. This ensures the lowest price possible has been located!


7) Bed and Breakfast

Here is a destination database that you will love if you are looking for something more low key than a big hotel or all inclusive package. Find the best B&B in the city of your choice. Search those that are pet friendly or “voted best” in their category. Look up reviews, deals and travel tips on each one!