7 Ways to Enjoy a “Stress Free” Black Friday

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I love Black Friday shopping! Some years I go out just because I like to be around people scoring deals – it makes me happy. Yes, besides the occasional fight that might break out over that last DVD Player, there are people who are just happy to be out there grabbing a few items on their shopping list or enjoying spending time with their loved ones!

What is your Black Friday plan of attack this year?” Here are my 7 tips for making the most of Black Friday shopping.

  1. Make a List:
    The list is very important because you need to stay organized. The more details, the better off you will be on Friday. Write down everything you need to get. Who is on your list? What do they want? Where can you get it?
  2. Prioritize:
    Find out when all the store open and how long their Doorbusters/EarlyBird Specials run, then create your route so you can make the best use of your time and get to all the sales you want to be at.
  3. Take a Shopping Buddy:
    Many shoppers will take a shopping buddy so they can spread out upon entering the store. Each person heading for different key items and picking up the quantity they need. This method works for a lot of people because you get more done faster!
  4. Leave the Kids at Home:
    This seems like a no brainer, but just in case, it is probaby best to leave the little ones at home. It is safer and you will get more done!
  5. Carry the Sale Ads with You:
    Just in case your list is off and you need to reference the ad to double check sale prices and many stores will price match competitor ads if you have the ad with you. So throw them all in a bag before you go!
  6. Stop and Re-charge:
    Everyone needs to take a break at some point. I always stop for a Starbucks after a few hours of hard core Black Friday Shopping.
  7. Cyber Monday:
    Most importantly, if you do not like crowds, I don’t recommend heading out in the chaos. Stay at home and try to grab a few of those deals from home and then wait for Cyber Monday. There will be great deals and you can shop from the comfort of your home (in your pajamas!).