9 Reasons to Skip Black Friday Shopping!

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For many of you, rushing out the door right after that last bite of pumpkin pie doesn’t sound like that much fun. Maybe you’re not really the kind of person that likes to stand in line for hours and fight the crowds. You’re not alone, there are some very good reasons to skip Black Friday madness (but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on scoring some great deals)!!

1. It’s Dangerous

Imagine my mom & dad (or yours – I’m using mine because this actually happened), bum rushing the doors at their local retailer (I won’t say which one) for $19 DVD Players! Why on Earth they would do this is beyond my understanding but nonetheless. They get in the store and arrive at the mound of DVD Players only to be knocked down (YES, both of them)!! Thankfully, they jump back up out of the pile with DVD Players in hand and they’re excited but they’re lucky they didn’t hurt. Point is, it is dangerous to go out on Black Friday just to snag those $2 leggings or that $4 fleece throw or even a $19 DVD Player.

2. Shopper Rage – It Brings Out the Worst in People

We all know this happens. It starts off all fun, singing and laughing, then you get in line (to get IN the store). People are pushing a little, there are “line cutters”, you know the people who come up mysteriously and act like they were there the whole time. Then you get in the stores and people are shoving, running and grabbing items. You load your cart and head for the checkouts, but as you are nearing the front of the store you can see that the line is now wrapping back to the back of the store (where you just came from). By this time your fuze is lit, ok, maybe not yours but someone’s is for sure. The yelling starts, it’s embarrassing, swearing they will never come back (when you know they most likely will go back). Is it really worth stressing out or risking your safety?

3. Retailers Have Limited Supplies on the “Good Stuff” (on Purpose?)

Tensions are high, you had your list prepared, you pulled a store map and knew exactly where your wish list items were located. You get to the designated spot and BOOM! Everything is gone! What? They only had 3 to begin with? They say supplies are limited, but come on! It can feel like this is done intentionally at times because every stores knows there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of shoppers coming through those doors.

4. It Encourages Overspending

No matter how careful we are, overspending happens. We see something we missed in the ads. It’s not on our holiday shopping list, but we grab it because we are there and then we are already outside of the budget we set. Once you get in the doors, it is VERY easy to overspend.

5. Are you Even Getting the Best Deal?

We have said this before and I am sure you have seen the stories on the news. The Black Friday prices are not always the BEST deals you can score on certain items. It’s a fact, you have to be careful because sometimes items are mixed into the ads and although they are on sale, they might have actually been cheaper in the weeks leading up to Black Friday.

6. You Can Get Some of the Deals Online

Here’s one that we see more and more each year. Some Black Friday sale items are available online too! While it’s not the case for “EVERY” item, there are many that you can pick up right from your comfy and safe couch!

7. Restocking Fees

Be sure to read the fine print – some items have a restocking fees. Say you pick up a camera and then you see it a week later and it comes with a free bag or it’s a little cheaper at another store. You want to return the one you bought on Black Friday but then you notice the receipt says they charge a restocking fee if you return it (especially from a special sale where they were expecting to sell it).

8. What About Thanksgiving Dinner & Giving Thanks?

Turkey, pumpkin pie and spending time being thankful for our families – that’s what it’s all about let’s not forget. Plus, I can’t even button my pants by 6 o’clock when the stores open so how am I going to get out the door!!

9. Cyber Monday is Better

Woohoo! You’re in luck – you don’t want to go out on Black Friday? Then don’t!! Cyber Monday is coming. You will find some amazing sales (many times very close to or the same as the Black Friday prices). “But what about shipping?”, you say. Many times it is FREE on this day or Free with a very low minimum spend!!