Go Pro Camera Ultimate Combo Accessory Kit (Reg. $600)

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This kit is conveniently packed, and includes practically every mount you possibly need or want for your GoPro. Hurry over and score a Go Pro Camera Ultimate Combo Accessory Kit for just $12.99 (Reg. $600)! Whether you are a professional GoPro user or a relative beginner, this package is ideal as a starter kit or as a replacement or expansion for your current collection of equipment. Shipping adds $4.99. This one is from Tanga and is good for a limited time.

  • 4x thumb knob for GoPro Hero 3/2/1
  • 2x Black Buckle Basic Mount for chest harness, Gopro Hero 3/2/1
  • 2x Flat Mounts
  • 2x Curved Mounts with adhesive pads for GoPro Hero 3/2/1
  • Sticker Set for Gopro Helmet Mount (3pcs for flat, 3pcs for arc mount)
  • Suction cup for Gopro Hero 3 2 1, 7cm-diameter base Gopro Hero3/2/1
  • 2X Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle Camera Tethers with sticker Elastic
  • Adjustable Head Strap For GoPro Hero 3 2 1, with anti-slide glue like
  • Chest Body Strap For GoPro Hero 3/2/1, with 3-way adjustment base