Kiwi Crate: Penguin Bowling Project $3.95 Shipped

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Here’s a fun project to do with your kids! You can snag a Free Trial Kiwi Crate My Penguin Bowling sample-size project for just $3.95 shipped. Create your very own game of penguin bowling!

Your Crate will include all the materials the kids need to build their own penguin pals, a full set of stickers and markers to decorate the penguins, one-of-a-kind colored bowling ball, set of score cards for the game and a 16 page explore! magazine filled with puzzles, DIY activities, and kid-friendly recipes.

NOTE: Your free trial project will ship within two business days. You will then have 14 days after your trial project ships to cancel your subscription. If you choose to not cancel, you will be charged $19.95/month and receive 2-3 new projects per month with your Kiwi Crate monthly subscription. You may cancel at any time by calling (866) 639-6502.