Misfit Shine Activity Tracker + Bluetooth

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Score the newest activity tracker from Misfit – the Misfit Shine + Bluetooth for $74.99 at Dell, plus get back a $25 gift card from Dell!  That’s like paying $49.99!  I couldn’t find it for less than $99.99 anywhere else. Ships free.  Offer ends 4/6.

Here’s what sets this one apart from other trackers:

  • Wear it anywhere- as a necklace, a watch or clip it on.  They also sell accessories that fit it.  That means better tracking of biking, swimming, etc.
  • Swim!  So many of these activity trackers are not waterproof.  Boo!  This one is waterproof up to 50m deep.
  • No charging!  Battery lasts for 6 months and the back pops off so you can easily replace it.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Tracks sleep.
  • Keep time.
  • Connect with friends.