Starbucks Coffee Refill Tumbler

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It’s back!  Starbucks has brought back the popular Coffee Refill Tumbler.  It is $30 again this year, which might seem like much for a cup, but it also comes with a whole month of free coffee!  Take the tumbler to any Starbucks store and the barista will fill it with a grande brewed coffee free of charge each day during the month of January 2015.  These make great gifts for the coffee-lovers!  Shipping will add $5.95 or it’s free on orders over $65.

Looking for a way to bring down the cost?  Raise has Starbucks gift cards for 15% off right now!  On the payment screen, click the Use a Starbucks card dropdown box to pay with the giftcard instead of a credit card.  I have ordered lots of these cards!  They usually come via email within a couple of hours.