The Birth of Cornelius Review

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The Birth of Cornelius, in stores March 10, 2009 from Universal Motown, introduces us to the artist Corneille. He sings about love, the heart and personal life experiences. His music is sure to please fans of John Legend, Tracy Chapman and Marvin Gaye.

While R&B is not my first choice of music, I was pleasantly surprised by his music. Corneille has a great voice and his music is relaxing, I loved playing it in the background while I was working. It was not distracting like some of the music I listen to.

His Background:
Cornielle Nyungura has an amazing story. He was born in Germany where he and his family before his parents moved back to their native Rwanda. As a boy, he developed an interest in music – his initial discovery being Michael Jackson, and then other soul artists followed and would help him shape his style: Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Prince and Stevie Wonder. Cornielle made his first recording at the age of 16 and was chosen as a finalist in a music contest that was sponsored by the state-run television station.

Tragedy struck in 1994 when Corneille’s parents and other family members were killed in a massacre after Rwanda’s President was assisinated. Cornielle was able to escape to Germany where he stayed for 3 years before deciding to move to Montreal. He formed a band and in 2002 he released his first studio album.

Corneille is a Red Cross Canada spokesperson and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Coming To America
“When I think of America, the first that comes to my mind is the sense that I might feel understood for the first time. It might sound a little odd, but I look at America, and I see so much of who I am.” ~ Corneille

You can check out his website at  The CD is also available at Amazon and on Corneille - The Birth of Cornelius.