Top 9 Things to Buy at After Christmas Clearance Sales

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Every savvy shopper knows that the absolute best time to pick up great items at HUGE discounts is during the after Christmas Sales and Semi Annual Sales! What are the best things to buy? Where will you get the biggest savings and make the most of your hard earned dollar? During the few weeks after the holidays stores will markdown leftover stock from the holidays and the fall/winter season to make room for the next holiday’s merchandise and next season’s clothing. This is when you can really stock up on items you will be able to use throughout the year at a savings of up to 90% off!

Here is a list of the Top 9 Things to Buy at After Christmas Clearance Sales:

  1. Toys: It’s hard to think about toys so soon after the big day has just passed, but believe it or not, these toys will go on clearance for 75% – 90% off during the days after the holiday through January. This is the ideal time to stock up on gifts for birthdays, baby showers, rewards for report cards and even next year’s Christmas gifts.
  2. Wrapping Paper, Gift Bags, Bows: Buying neutral colored wrapping paper and gift bags will allow you to use them throughout the year. Many stores carry solid colors, stripes, pictures of presents all of which could easily be used for any event throughout the year.
  3. Clothes: There are many stores that have a Semi-Annual Sale that starts the day after Christmas. Stores like Victoria’s Secret will have GREAT discounts on undergarments. Lucky Brand Jeans will mark a large amount of their inventory to 50% Off making the final price very reasonable for a pair of jeans. You will also find stores like Aeropostale, Macy’s, Jc Penney etc. with nice discounts on sweaters, pajamas and other winter merchandise.
  4. Decorations: Did you see a great Snowman for the front yard or a holiday countdown clock you really wanted but didn’t want to pay full price? No worries, in the week or so after Christmas these will be marked down. The trick is deciding how long to wait before snatching yours because they go quickly. Note how many your store has left, your best deal may be grabbing it at 50% off. Also, keep an eye out for returns. Some people have what I call “Buyer’s Remorse” and return items during the clearance sale because they may have overspent. If you are lucky these items will be even cheaper when they are placed back out on the floor.
  5. Gift Sets: Gift sets are great because they can be re-packaged, if necessary, placed in a neutral gift basket and be given as gifts throughout the year. These make great gifts for teachers at the end of the school year or a friend who is having a rough week (or a great one!).
  6. Party Supplies: As with wrapping paper, the plates, cups and sometimes napkins come in holiday colors that are neutral and can be used for another event. There is always a use for plates, cups and napkins bought for pennies!
  7. Candy/Food: Food and Candy are great because you may also have coupons lying around that can be matched up with the clearance prices making them very cheap, and in some cases, FREE! Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most bagged candy will make it a month or so until February (unless it’s around me!).
  8. Party Favors: Be sure to check out the stocking stuffer clearance because those can be used as party favors for birthday parties. Many of these items will be around at 75% – 90% off making them a great deal!
  9. Household: These items tend to go quickly at 50% off, but you should be able to find sandwich bags, freezer bags, foil and wrap that either have holiday packaging or holiday colors that will be placed on clearance. If the packaging has holiday colors or designs most times they will markdown what they didn’t sell. Again, check for your coupons to make these deals even sweeter!