Walmart Coupon Policy

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The Walmart Coupon Policy has been updated with some nice changes. Hopefully this will helpful to many of you that have had problems in the past at your local stores with coupons. As always, I would suggest printing it out and carrying it with you when you shop.

Here are the Highlights:

Walmart will accept the following:

This is probably the BIGGEST Highlight of the new Walmart Coupon Policy:

  • Coupons MAY exceed the price of the item. Change MAY be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.

What??? Seriously??? I had to read this 4 times and rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! So what this means is if you have a coupon for $2 off a product and the product only costs $1, Walmart will give you $1 cash back (if you don’t purchase anything else) OR the extra $1 will be deducted from the total of your purchase. Woohooo – now let’s see if it actually works – Let us know what you find when you shop!

  • Competitors’ coupons that feature a specific item for a specified price
    For example, $2.99

Where do I Find this type of Coupon?
You will most likely find this type of coupon in a Walgreens ad (the in-ad coupons) or check your grocery store ads to see if they have in-ad coupons (Publix and Safeway stores do for sure). IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use a competitor coupon, the policy states ONLY one coupon per item so this means you WILL NOT be able to stack a mfg. coupon.

Checkout Coupons

  • (Also called “Catalinas”) that are printed at our competitors’ registers, have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific requirements printed on them, a valid remit address for the manufacturer, valid expiration date, and a scannable bar code.

NOTE: The policy does NOT specifically state who their competitors are and I don’t think they mean a Register Reward (even though those say mfg. coupon). I think this means coupons that print from the catalina machine for specific products like you get at Target or from the grocery store that are for specific items (like $1 off 5 Stouffers). If anyone finds out different info., please let us know.

What Walmart will NOT Accept:

  • Print-at-home Internet coupons that require no purchase
  • Buy One Get One Free coupon would be accepted just no coupons for free items that print from your computer.
  • Competitors’ coupons for dollars/cents or percentage off, buy one get one free, and double- or triple-value coupons

Make sure you check out and PRINT the Walmart coupon policy here.