10 Best Home Workout Programs

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It can be hard to get yourself into a routine of working out, especially when you have to find the time and money to get to the gym each day.  Now you can choose from a huge variety of “At Home Workout Programs” to make it so much easier to achieve your fitness goals.  They come in a variety of price ranges from FREE to only 3 payments of $39.95. Once you have paid in full you have the program for as long as you need, no additional gym fees or monthly dues. Browse this list of the Best Home Workout Programs and get fit today!


1) Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a great at home work out program that you can customize to your specific fitness needs. Workout any time for 10 minutes or more, 5 days or more per week for great results!  You can choose from an unlimited variety of streaming workouts. Maybe you just want to work your core, or grab 30 minutes of cardio. Another great feature is a nutritional plan! You can access recipes and meal plans to help your workouts count even more. You can also purchase their nutritional supplements to feed your muscles extra protein. Upgrade your fitness experience with Black Fire, by Bob Harper. It is all there at your fingertips, you just need the internet.

Cost: Start your free one month trial and then pay only $12.95/mo.  You can cancel anytime.


2) PX90X3

Sign up for extreme home fitness when you sign up for PX903x!  Grab a high intensity workout for 30 minutes a day for 90 days! Lose weight and gain muscle by working hard for a short amount of time, any time of day that suits your schedule. You will get 6 muscle building dvds, 3 cross training DVD’s, 3 fat burning cardio DVD’s and 4 core, flexibility & balance workout DVD’s.

Cost: Choose your plan – Go Basic for 3 payments of $39.99 OR all the way up to the Ultimate Kit for 3 payments of $109.95.  You will also receive bonus gifts such as a fitness and nutrition guide.


3) Cosmo Body

Login anytime and workout with expert trainers. New workouts are added every day to ensure a variety of challenges in your fitness routine. You can stream workouts on any mobile device to workout virtually anywhere. Pick a fitness plan to follow that will work best for your workout level and lifestyle.

Cost: Sign up and get your first ten days FREE! After that you pay just $9.95/mo. Cancel anytime.


4) Muscle & Fitness

If you are looking to focus on building muscle this is the program for you!  Try the “Ultimate 6 Week Home Workout”.  With this plan, you work out 3 times a week for 20 minutes each. All you really need is adjustable dumbbells and a bench.  You begin slow with a low amount of reps and then increase reps every two weeks. You can also have access to videos and meal plans! Join their newsletter for new recipes, workouts and supplements.

Cost: Absolutely FREE!


5) Insanity

Insanity is an extremely popular home workout program that will give you great results after challenging yourself with high intensity cardio.  This has been called the “hardest home workout DVD”.  You will need nothing but yourself and a DVD player. No Weights or Equipment.

Cost: Buy the program for 3 monthly payments of $39.95 + $24.95 Shipping. Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


6) Men’s Fitness

Grab these 8 at home workouts for a fabulous fit body!  Do Cardio, Abs, Upper Muscles and More!  Scroll through these individual workouts and pick which you would like to try each day!

Cost: All FREE


7) Focus T25

Grab the Focus T25 Home workout DVD’s for the ultimate hard workout for just 25 minutes. Get more exercise done in a shorter amount of time.

Cost: Buy it today for 3 payments of $39.95 + S&H.  You will get a three month calendar, 11 DVDs, Nutritional Information and a resistance band.


8) Workout Labs

Here is another Home workout program that is totally free!  Subscribe and get Free morning workouts or browse your style of workout.  Get “workout cards” to download, share or print to exercise at home, the gym or on the go.  Build your own routine and pick which “card” is for each day of the week.  You can also ask for nutrition advice from fitness experts.

Cost: You may even buy different sets of handheld workout cards for as low as $24.95 per pack.


9) RushFit

Here is an 8 week, DVD program developed by George St. Pierre, to train your body for just 5 minutes at a time.  Each set includes a Workout Guide, Nutrition Guide and training plans.  Just add handheld dumbbells.

Cost: Purchase for 3 payments of $19.99


10) Turbo Fire

This set comes with a series of DVD’s, Workout schedules and a nutritional guide. This is a cardio program that is designed to burn 9x’s more fat than the average cardio workout.  If you need further help, assistance or motivation they also offer 24/7 online support.  Once you are signed up you can login and participate in workouts via live streaming!

Cost: Try Turbo Fire for two payments of $39.95.