10 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online

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Everyone loves a good movie, especially when it’s FREE! Going to the movies can be inconvenient and expensive, but what if you could find a free movie at home any day of the week!? You Can!! If you have internet and a smart tv., Google Chromecast / Apple T.V. (to make your television “smart”), IPad, tablet Or laptop, you can take advantage of some great Free Movie Sites! The best part is that you do not have to download the movies, they offer them free to stream! Check out this roundup of the Best Online Sites to watch Free Movies.


1) Cool Movie Zone

Each of the movies on Cool Movie Zone can be Streamed in HD!  They also have very current movies and even offer the release date and amount of views per movie.  Browse by year Or genre.


2) Crackle

Crackel is another super awesome site that offers full access to a huge variety of old and new movies and tv shows.  You can install their app to watch on any mobile device or online television.  They get a 4 out of 5 star rating.


3) Watch Series

Here is a free site that gives you all the episodes to your favorite tv shows.  It does not cater to movies, however it is free entertainment and binge watching your favorite series has become just as popular as watching the latest movies!


4) Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is an awesome Free Movie Site because you do not have to create an account with them!  Just hit play.  They have over 1500 movies in all genres.


5) YouTube

Don’t forget YouTube!  This was the first free online viewing site my family has watched and it probably is for you too!  They have more than just funny cats and music videos.  You can also find full tv episodes and full length movies!  You may have to browse a little more, chose the best quality of your options or even watch them in segments i.e. (part 1, part2).  But it is definitely worth it when it’s free!


6) Watch Documentary

Here is a Free Movie Site for those who are looking for a documentary.  You can search through over 10,000 documentary titles and subjects.  Browse a variety of topics from science to biography, health and music.  They also have an app to download for android users.


7) Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema offers the same features as the other Free Online Movie Sites but with this one you can share movies with friends over email! They also offer a database of an array genres of movies to choose from.


8) Alluc.com

Alluc.com is a search engine for you to type in the title or type of movie you would like and they will find the best full movie link for you to either “stream” Or  “download”.  It’s the “Google” search engine for movies!
Good luck and don’t forget to grab the popcorn before you click PLAY!


9) My Download Tube

tubesmovieMy Download Tube is another option of snagging some entertainment on the cheap. Pick from a wide variety of movies as well as games for FREE! You have to create an account and be logged in, to be able to select and watch any movies.



10) HugeMoviedb

hugemovieHuge Moviedb has a wide variety of new and old movies to choose from. Each movie has a “channel” to watch online. If one channel does not work for you that same movie may have multiple channels to try for your browser or internet service. Be sure to look around for your favorite movies!


Good luck and don’t forget to grab the popcorn before you click PLAY!