10 Must-Have Home Workout Tools

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A good home workout calls for all the best tools!  Grab one for every type of fitness activity whether it be cardio or strength training.  The more variety you add to your routine the more likely you are to do it!  Score all of these exercise items and get started today!

1) Yoga Mat

A good Yoga Mat is a necessary staple in any workout. Even if your routine is not entirely on the mat, it is helpful for your warm up and cool down.  I like to have one that is on the thicker side like those pictured.  The thickness helps your hips and knees from hurting while holding  certain poses or exercise moves.  Most mats run from 3mm through 1/2 inch thick and can be found in a variety of colors or patterns.

  • Average Price: From $15 – $25 (Based on thickness Or quality)
  • Where to Buy: eBay, Amazon, Walmart

2) Stability Ball

Another helpful workout tool to have at home is a Stability Ball.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Choose the best one for your height and workout preferences.  They can be used as an addition to your daily exercise OR an entire workout using the ball.  Some of them come with instructional videos and even “How To” pictures printed on the ball itself!

  • Where to Buy: Walmart, Amazon
  • Average Price:  As low as $19.99

3) Neoprene Dumbbells

Grab yourself a few Dumbbells and you can have your arms looking toned in no time.  Start with smaller weights first and work your way up to the heavier ones.  I like the Neoprene Dumbbells because they have a better grip when sweating. You won’t feel like they are about to fall out of your hands (Plus the colors are super cool)!

  • Average Price: Singles Start as low as $2.00ea.
  • Where to Buy: Walmart, Wayfair

4) GoFit Flat Band Kit

If you are looking for lower body toning, this is a great kit to grab.  Use them along with a clip to tighten the bands as you get stronger.  This will help tone and build muscle in just a few minutes a day!

  • Average Price: Starts at $11.79
  • Where to Buy: Target, Amazon

5) Band Kit

These are a favorite of mine!  You can do as little as 30 minutes of training with these and feel it for a week!  They will work muscles that would ordinarily be harder to access with your average workout.  If you buy a kit like the one pictured, you can work your way through the colored bands (each color is for a certain amount of resistance).

  • Average Price: $29.99
  • Where to Buy: Wayfair

6) Blender Bottle Sport Mixer

Many people are pairing nutritious, protein filled drinks with their daily workouts.  Now you can mix and go much easier with bottles like the Blender Bottle Sport Mixer.

7) Gliding Discs

These are great for at home floor workouts in order to keep good form and slide (or glide only when you want to).  These Gliding discs can be used on hardwood or carpet, just flip them from one side to the other.

8) GoFit Ab Wheel

Tone your abs and build your core with an Ab Wheel! – add this tool to your workout kit and enhance your results.

  • Average Price: $29.99 – $49.99
  • Where to Buy: Target, Amazon

9) Nike Weighted Cardio Jump Rope

Take a trip back to your childhood and grab a Jump Rope! Burn calories faster as you jump your way to a fit body.

Average Price: You can find a basic Jump Rope for as low as $1.00 at the dollar store but a sporty one like this is around $20.00.

10) Exercise Box Step

Get moving with an Exercise Step!  The Step Home Trainer is adjustable for lower or higher stepping.  This is a fun way to add cardio to your weekly routine.