10 Must Have Items For A First Kitchen!

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They say the Kitchen is the heart of the home! Planning your first kitchen is very exciting and going into Bath And Beyond to pick out your Essentials can feel a little crazy with all of the different gadgets they have to offer. Let’s narrow it down for you so that you know what grab on your list, first!


1) Bakeware


You will get a lot of use out of your bakeware. From cookies and muffins, to pizza and chicken, this is a must have set. They do not have to be the most expensive brands. I sometimes grab an extra pan at the dollar tree. No matter the quality, they can get worn out quickly when you use them so often. Don’t forget to use your cooking spray. It will prolong the life of your set by keeping food from wanting to bake on and stick forever!


2) Pots & Pans

My Pots and Pans get used almost everyday! I would say my large skillet and medium sized sauce pan are the most needed. Some cooks love the non stick sets of cookware. I do not like how they can sometimes chip off. A good stainless steel set can be scrubbed with any kind of scrubber and look new again.. My favorite skillet is one from my husband’s, grandmother’s kitchen. It has to be over 30 years old!


3) Electric Mixer

An Electric mixer can be a life saver! Quickly whip up your desserts and other goodies with either a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Kitchen Aid is one of the top rated and most popular brands. I have a kitchen Aid stand mixer that is now over ten years old. It’s still working wonderfully!


4) Can Opener


A can opener is one of those items we forget about so often, but when you can’t find it in the cupboard it can ruin a meal for sure! Be sure to grab either an old fashioned crank opener or the electric. They both serve their purpose. I have the old fashioned kind because I don’t like appliances taking up my counter space.


5) Cutting Knives, Cutlery Set


From chopping up veggies to trimming the roast, you will need a good Cutlery Set to prep your foods. They can get very pricey depending on the brand and quality you are looking for. No worries, there is a set for every budget.


6) Mixing Bowls


Different sized mixing bowls will be handy for all cooking and baking occasions. Have a couple of different sizes in your cupboard to choose from.


7) Baking and Cooking Utensils


Cooking utensils are a necessity with every meal you make. Stirring, flipping and scooping, these tools will do the job!


8) Measuring Cups and Spoons


Both the liquid and dry measuring tools will be of use when following your favorite recipes. Cook and bake perfectly when you measure correctly!


9) Slow Cookers


A slow cooker will make life so much easier! Throw in your dinner items and let them cook all day while you work, run errands or take care of the kids. Sometimes when dinner rolls around you are just too tired to begin cooking a big meal. Let your slow cooker do the work!


10) Colanders


This is another one of those items that you forget about until you really need it! There is no real way to drain your spaghetti noodles without it, so grab one of these too!!

Bon Appetit!