10 Things You Should Never Pay For

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There is nothing better than the magic of walking away from the register with something for free!  It’s getting harder to get freebies, but it is still doable!  That holy grail of couponing is not available on everything, but there are a few items that you should be able to free when you hold onto your coupons and wait for a sale.


  • Pain Relievers

  • Bayer and St. Joseph’s Low Dose Aspirin go on sale for less than $2 often, and they release coupons regularly for the same amount.
  • Most $1 Advil coupons have no size exclusions so you can use them on the 4ct packs at box stores.
  • Target offers great gift card deals that result in freebies.  Look for sales like, “Buy 3 Advil, get $5 GC!”  Stack store and manufacturer coupons with Cartwheel offers.



  • Toothpaste

  • If you have stores that still double, toothpaste comes free pretty often.  Even if your stores don’t double, freebies are possible.  Watch your store’s sale cycles for the 10 for $10 sales  and pair it with a coupon to get it free.
  • Watch drug stores for money back offers.  They frequently have freebie deals that turn into moneymakers when you add coupons. Look for something like “Buy Crest for $3.49, get back $3.49 reward.”



  • Toothbrushes

  • Wait for 10 for $10 sales at grocery stores and stack your $1 off coupon!
  • Drug stores have the same reward deals on these.  Use coupons to make the deal even sweeter. If you wait, you can even get battery toothbrushes free when you stack a coupon with a reward deal.




  • Dental Floss

  • The tips for toothbrushes apply to dental floss.  If any old floss will do, wait for the $1 sales and use a coupon, but you can get flossers and the better quality floss for free when you wait for those stackable deals at the drug store.





  • Feminine Care Items

  • Dollar stores have $1 feminine care items that pair with coupons.  Dollar General has the Rephresh brand in their $1 aisle and you can often find coupons on their site or in the box.
  • Drug stores offer reward deals that combine with coupon to get them free.  Some don’t even need coupons!  Alternatively, look for BOGO offers that you can use high value coupons with to get them free.
  • Watch for BOGO and mega sales (ie Buy 5, save $5) that combine with coupons for free items.  Stayfree $2 coupons, $.50 or $1 coupons from Carefree, and any high value coupons from Always will generally score you freebies if you wait for the right sale.


  • Shave Gel

  • Mega sales at grocery stores drop the prices low enough to get them free with coupon.
  • Take advantage of reward offers at drug stores to get high value brands like EOS for free.




  • Cosmetics

  • Drug stores are the hot spot for great cosmetic deals.  They usually come in one of three formats:
    • Store coupons like Walgreens IVC that stack with mfr coupons for freebies.
    • Reward deals that offer money back.  CVS is great with pairing their $10 ECB sale on $30 of P&G products, and they combine it with BOGO 50% savings.  The coupons and reward make them free.
    • Reward deals combined with rebates.  Look for deals like “Spend $10+ on Physicians Formula, get $7 +Up”, then watch for rebate peelies on the cosmetics.
  • NYC Cosmetics, Rimmel, and Wet n Wild are often on sale for less than $1.  They have coupons for $1 off that’ll get you lipstick, eyeliner, and other free cosmetics.
  • Sign up for rewards programs from high-end cosmetics like Sephora, Ulta, and Smashbox and they’ll send you birthday freebies – a lot of them are full size!
  • Razors

  • High value coupons will get you free disposable razors at the big box stores or drug stores.  Look for $3 Bic coupons.  The 12 pack of Bic disposables are less than $3 at Walmart, plus BOGO sales that let you use two coupons at drug stores will get you two packs for free.
  • Wait for really high value coupons to combine with reward deals for free cartridge razors.  Watch for deals like “Gillette Fusion for $8.99 with $5 reward.”  You’d just need a $4 coupon to get it free.



  • Deodorant

  • Use coupons on BOGO and clearance sales at drug stores to nab free deodorant.
  • 10 for $10 and mega sales at grocery stores also offer up chances for free deodorant when you combine a coupon.  Brands like Sure, Brut, and Right Guard are brands we have often seen coming up free.
  • Wait for reward deals at drug stores or Target stacks to get the premium deodorants free.




  • Travel-Size Items

  • Get in the habit of reading a coupon thoroughly.  If there are no size limitations or trial-size restrictions, use the coupons on travel items.  *Some cashiers can be picky about this, so make sure you’ve read your coupon thoroughly and know the store’s policy.
  • Sign up for free samples.  Have you signed up for the CouponDivas newsletter yet?  We email a whole list of freebie offers every Friday.  Recent offers have included L’Oreal Advanced, Origins, Dove, and many more.