10 Tips For A Budget Friendly Baby Shower

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Will you be throwing a baby shower on a budget? I bet your wondering how you can stretch your dollar, spend less and still have it look and feel fabulous. You can do it! Check over these tips to help you plan your next Baby Shower!


1. Picking the Right Place

The most inexpensive spot to use is most likely your home! This may mean extra work on your part with cleaning, organizing and prepping, but it’s free! If you are in need of more chairs ask to borrow from other family members or neighbors. No one minds a mix and match array of chairs. Will there be good weather? If you have a nice sized outdoor space, an open garage or carport then you do not need to have everyone in the house at the same time. If you do not want to use your home, or just do not have the space, check out any local restaurants or clubs. My family was a member of our American Legion for a long time and if I remember correctly their event prices were cheaper than most.


2. Invitations

It is super easy to save on invitations. Take a trip to the dollar tree and search through their baby themed invites or Go Digital! No Postage Necessary! You can do an Evite or just create a closed Facebook event with a pretty Baby Shower Picture as the Icon. This takes only minutes and does not require those that are invited to do anything but click to RSVP!


3. Food

The party food can quickly rack up your bill. Try sticking with finger foods, appetizers or snacks. This way you will not feel the burden of having a full meal prepared. A Caterer can be costly, if you are not a cook pick up a few fruit or veggie trays as well as a deli platter. Add some cheese and crackers and everyone will be happy. Don’t forget the cake! They can be expensive to buy as well. Try a cupcake stand with pink or blue iced cupcakes! I have seen some cupcakes with little baby bottles, mini baby dolls or pacifiers adorned the top of each cupcake. Pressed right into the frosting. They are so cute!


4. Decorations

Keep them sweet but simple. The decor does not have to be elaborate. Purchase a few pastel streamers, baby themed confetti, balloons and a pink or blue table cloth, as well as pink or blue paper plates and cups at the Dollar Tree! We often forget how helpful the dollar store can be but they really have built up their party selections. Be sure to browse your store first before heading to the Party Stores or even ordering online.


5. Games and Prizes

Find games online. Search online for a baby word search or crossword, bingo or word jumble. All of these things are available online for free! All you need is some paper and a printer! The prizes can be something simple like a chocolate bar, mini candle or mini hand lotion. Don’t stress, it is meant to be fun. Also keep it to a minimum of 2 or 3 games. This will not only lower your cost and time involved but the guests will not care to participate in more than that.


6. Party Favors

Each guest should leave with a small token of “Thanks For Coming!”. One of my favorite favors I have received was a mini baby bottle filled with M&M’s and tied with a bow. It’s easy to do and super cute! Want something even easier, grab a $1.00 candle and some ribbon of either pink or blue Or both colors if the baby’s gender is still a surprise. Tie a bow on the candle and DONE! Each guest has a favor and you didn’t have to spend much at all. The idea is that a little something small and cute can go a long way and work very well.


7. Check Pinterest!

I Can’t tell you how many times I have scanned Pinterest for ideas on so many topics. Baby showers are no exception. They have a wonderful array of ideas that the most creative people have come up with. You are sure to find something incredible that you know you can do to!


8. Pick the perfect time of day!

This may seem odd but the time of day you have your party can save you money in two ways. One is that if you are having your party at a restaurant, it may be cheaper to buy just appetizers. And appetizers are more acceptable when it is not dinner or lunch. Same idea if you are having the shower at your house. You can shoot for 1pm. It is after lunch and definitely far before dinner time.


9. Split the cost, Split duties.

If you are throwing a shower for a family member this can be an easy perk to take advantage of. For example I will be throwing a shower for my sister with my mom! This way not all of the pressure and financial responsibility weighs on one person alone. If you are throwing a party for a friend, maybe you both share a best friend in common that you can have at least take on a few of the duties. Or maybe the guest of honor has a sister or grandmother that would like to pitch it. Don’t be afraid to ask. Many times people enjoy being a part of such a fun life event.


10. Limit the guest list

Keep the guest list to a minimum. Therefore you will not have to have as much food, party favors or as big of a venue for the shower.
Good Luck!