10 Ways to Save On Kids Clothes!

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Kids can grow out of clothes so fast that you feel like you are constantly buying new!  It can take a toll on your budget if you are not careful.  Being frugal, shopping smart and learning a few strategies can save you tons!  Take a look at a few ways to save on kid’s clothing!


1. Yard Sale

  • Check your local newspaper to see where there are any Yard Sales or Garage Sales.  They are great for baby and kid’s clothing.  You can find shirts and pants for as low as $.50 cents ea.!

2. Consignment Store

  • I love going to my local consignment store.  They are gently used and sold at 1/3 of the price that they were originally bought at.  I also like to sell the clothing my kids have grown out of.  I can then use the money earned to put toward new clothes!

3. Trade Or Swap

  • Do you have friends with kids that are close in age to yours?  Maybe a relative?  Ask around and schedule a “swap”.

4. Hand – Me – Downs

  • Hand Me Downs are great.  My son has had a ton of hand me downs from his cousin who is five years older than he is.  I have kept them all in bins, labelled with the corresponding sizes.  If you have more than one child of the same gender, this works perfect as well!

5. Coupons and Coupon Codes!

6. Follow the Sales 

  • Check through the ads in the Sunday Paper and find what you are looking for at a sale price.  There may be “Doorbusters” or other sale incentives that can save you big on items like shoes, jackets and other clothing.

7. Online Consignment, Buy or Sell

  • Consign from home!  There are a number of sites that you can buy from or sell.  Just like your local consignment shop, only online.  Try Swap.com, Thred Up Or Consignment Mommies.

8. Head to Goodwill or other Thrift Stores

  • Just like our mom’s did, head to the thrift store.  They can have some great items at a deep discount as well.

9. Social Media

  • Does your neighborhood have a Facebook Page?  Maybe you have a Facebook Yard Sale Community?  These are great ways to come in contact with people locally, who are looking to buy and sell the same items you need.  You may barter, trade, buy and sell this way.  Be sure to search for one that is in your area.

10. Buy Off Season Clearance

  • One of the top ways I buy my kid’s clothing is on Clearance.  I always make a beeline for the clearance racks at the end of a season.  Right now my daughter has next years coat already in her closet, that I found on discount for as low as $8.00!  She is also wearing brand new sneakers I found for only $3.00!!  When I score big like this, I will often buy the next size up, in another color to stock up on such a good deal.