10 Ways To Save When Buying Household Appliances

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When your dishwasher, refrigerator or any other home appliance gets run down or breaks altogether, you know that you are in for making a LARGE purchase.  Since home appliances rarely come cheap we have to consider every strategy in bringing the price down.  Follow these easy tips so that you don’t overspend on your next appliance purchase!


  • 1. Repair Vs. New Purchase

In most cases you will want to call a repair man to see if your appliance is worth fixing.  I have had issues with my appliances in the past and 90% of the time you can replace a part or make a quick adjustment for far less than purchasing brand new.  For example our air conditioning unit in the basement was leaking.  This had me very worried of course because anything that leaks would seem to be broken right?  Nope.  A pipeline drain was backed up with a bit of goop.  All it took was a simple bristle cleaning and a $60.00 service charge and it was as good as new.  We had a similar issue with our refrigerator, although it did need a new part, it was still cheaper than buying a new one.  Our washer and dryer were a different story.  At ten years old they were on their last leg and not doing a very good job at washing and drying our clothes. There was not much the repair man could do to improve the process!  Therefore I went on a week long hunt to find the best deal possible!

  • 2. Consider Buying Used

Buying used can be a great option, especially if full price doesn’t fit into your budget and the “used” item is not that old.  Check the newspaper, local Facebook yard sale pages as well as local garage sales or second hand stores.  Some appliance repair shops will sell refurbished appliances.  All of these options will work great when doing your research in buying an appliance at a lower price than brand new.

  • 3. Look Out For Clearance

When I was searching for a new washer I had found a couple on clearance at my local Lowes.  They were basic models that had a scratch or ding, but were still considered new.  Grab a salesperson and see if you can pull the price down even lower.  Depending on how long they have been trying to sell it, they may drop the discount even lower.

Check out Walmart’s Clearance Appliances!

  • 4. Shop Around And Compare

Don’t buy from the first place you look into.  I like to grab my store circulars, make a list of places I want to check out and compare prices with the type and model I am interested in.  You may also be able to “price match”.  For example say your Lowe’s has the same make and model of a dishwasher that hhgregg has, but hhgregg is priced $50.00 lower and is 30 more miles away.  I also know that my Lowe’s has free delivery and hhgregg does not.  This is when you want to go to Lowe’s and see if they will price match!

Take a Look at Lowe’s, Walmart Or Hhgregg!

  • 5.  Look Into The Off Brands

Sometimes the off brands are a great choice.  When looking into purchasing a new washer and dryer we researched the reviews on the Hotpoint brand.  The reviews were great and it turned out that Hotpoint is made by GE.  I was happy with my investigation and we were able to score a washer and dryer for less than $700 total brand new!  Be sure to do your research and find out if any of the less known brands would be a better option for your home and budget.

  • 6.  Check Out The Basic Models

Ask for a basic model to the appliance you are looking for.  Sometimes the sales associate will attempt to sell you the one with all the extra features that will then tack on to your total price.  Maybe the basic model is not in the store but they can order it for you.  It is worth asking for when dropping such a large amount of money on a home appliance.

  • 7.  Shop At The End Of The Year

Just like when shopping for cars and seasonal clothing, shop at the end of the season for the best discount!  Newer styles and models of currently available appliances will become available at the start of the year.  For this reason stores will want to put their current inventory on discount for quicker sales, in order to make room for the new items.

  • 8.  Look For Free Delivery And Take Away

Free delivery is a big deal if you do not have a truck or way to haul your new appliance yourself.  Delivery fees can begin at around $80.00 and go up from there depending on mileage and whether or not they will be taking your old appliance when they leave.  Don’t forget to ask about these possible fees so that you know exactly what your final purchase price will be.

  • 9. Ask For The Floor Model

Many times the floor model will be on discount just because it is the “floor model”.  Ask a sales associate if they would consider selling you the one in the store on display at a better price than it is listed.

  • 10.  Don’t Purchase More Than You Need

When considering a new appliance, evaluate what it is that you truly need.  I really want a new refrigerator and I would love one with the ice maker, ice dispenser, double doors and pull out bottom drawer but all I need is a regular refrigerator to keep my food items cold or frozen.  This is a huge price difference when your budget doesn’t include fancy features.