11 Best Side Jobs for College Students

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College student and being broke don’t have to be synonymous.  Many students find great part time jobs that are able to give them a little cash on the side, and if they do it right, even add to their college experience and resume.  We looked past the fast food industry and came up with a great list of side jobs perfect for any college student.

  • Service Industry – Server/Bartender

    • Flexible hours
    • Tips = great money
    • Customer service – great addition to any resume and selling point when you’re interviewing
    • Catalyst to meeting people outside of college
    • Free or discounted food!


  • Babysitting or Pet-sitting

    • Typically evening or after-school hours
    • Above-average pay
    • Possible study time if you’re watching kids after bed time!




  • Tutoring

    • Online or in-person
    • Above-average pay
    • Capitalize on what you’re good at: Music, Math, English, etc.
      • Bonus for resume if you tutor in the same area as your major (ie music lessons for a music major)
    • Few hours a week


  • Pizza Delivery

    • Above-average pay plus tips
    • Flexible hours




  • On-campus Jobs

    • No commute!
    • Possible financial aid
    • Network with college faculty
    • Ability to study while working if you get a job like library monitor
    • Resident Assistant – offers free or discounted room & board, hourly wage


  • UPS or other Shipping Companies 

    • Above- average wages
    • Help with tuition
    • Great way to stay in shape!
    • Part-time hours with multiple shifts
    • Meet lots of people
    • Nice benefits!


  • Barista

    • Great wages
    • Free coffee!
    • Starbucks, in particular, offers great benefits and 100% tuition coverage through ASU.
    • Add customer service to your resume
    • Perfect opportunity to network!


  • Retail

    • Flexible schedules with the opportunity to pick up more hours around holidays/summer break
    • Customer service is a great addition to resume
    • Possibility to transfer to a location near home during breaks
    • Store discounts!
    • No late nights, so you still have time for studying


  • Usher

    • Free entertainment!
    • Opportunity to meet celebrities, athletes, etc
    • Great networking
    • Typically weekends only, so you’ll still have study time through the week


  • Receptionist

    • Great pay
    • Meet lots of people
    • No late nights
    • Lots of downtime which makes it easy to study while working


  • Valet

    • Networking opportunities
    • Above-average pay plus tips (usually pooled)
    • Evening and weekend hours so you can study during the week