12 Fun and Frugal Birthday Gift Ideas!

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Birthday season is here for our family!! February, March, May… Birthday gifts don’t have to be expensive after all, it is the thought that counts. In case you need a little help, we have made gift giving easier with a great list of easy and inexpensive ideas that you can do any day!


1) Design Your Own Gift Basket


This is a great “go to” gift idea for any age, boy or girl. Grab a basket or bag and fill it with low priced items that your birthday guy or gal would love. Even the travel size section of Walmart or Target would be a great place to start. Lotions, shampoos, scented hand sanitizers, mini body sprays and more. If its small it will be cheap and cute in your basket. Throw in a loofa, candy bar and add a card and you have a full basket!


2) Make Your Own gift bags or wrapping paper

I have found myself numerous times with a gift and nothing to wrap it with. It is always the last thing I end up thinking about! If you have any newspaper hanging around use it! The comics are the best but any section will work. If your gift is small, grab some parchment paper and some markers. The paper is a bit see through but your designs should cover it enough. I have even made a small gift bag out of parchment paper. Place your mini gift in the center and pull up the ends and gather them at the top. I secured it with one of those tiny plastic hair ties that are so popular for little girl’s hair. We have a million of them around the house that I use to do cute things with my daughters hair. After I had the paper secured, I dressed it up with a pipe cleaner to hide the tie. It works and it’s free!


3) Re-gift

This never seems like a super popular idea, but if you have been given a great gift that maybe wasn’t your size or is a duplicate of something you already have, gift it! It’s better than going through the hassle of returning it, looking for something new or altogether wasting the gift (Just remember who gave it to you so that you don’t gift it back to them).


4) Plants

A Plant is always an easy inexpensive gift to give. Grab either an indoor or outdoor plant for less than $10. Add a card and a ribbon or bow and you are done!

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5) Movie and Popcorn

You can give this gift a few ways. You can stash a Movie Theater Gift Card in their Birthday Card or grab a $5 Movie and a box of microwave popcorn and wrap them together with ribbon. You might also consider getting them a subscription to Netflix along with a box of popcorn.


6) Make them their favorite meal

This gift works best for family members. Get out the recipe for your husband’s, Mom’s or Kid’s favorite meal and cook it up for their birthday. My husband loves crab cakes so they are a fun thing to whip up for his birthday!


7) Coffee Or Tea with Cute Mug

Does your birthday guy or gal like coffee or tea? Grab a bag of specialty tea or coffee and put it in a nice mug with a bow. You can even get creative and purchase a customized mug they are sure to love! Super cute and easy and very affordable.


8) A Good Book

If they are a book lover, grab a great book on the best sellers shelf along with a cool bookmark and you are done!

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9) Itunes Gift Card

This can be a great gift for those picky teenagers that can be hard to please. Pick one up at any gift card station and place in a birthday card!


10) Magazine Subscriptions

I love this gift! My mother in law bought all the ladies in the family “Taste Of Home” subscriptions one year. I loved it so much that I renewed it for another year and I have kept every issue to go back and look through again! You can find magazines for anyone. Pick the subject they love; from cooking to cars there is a subscription for everyone!

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11) Sweet treat ingredients in Jar + Recipe

I have always thought that this was the cutest gift! Find a mason jar and fill it with the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie or treat! Attach the recipe with a ribbon and you are done! You can do a Google search for these recipes and you may even find a bunch on Pinterest!


12) $10 Gift Card for their favorite fast food, ice cream or coffee place

The easy “go to” when all else fails is a quick gift card. Especially if it is for a person you do not know very well, most everyone likes to stop through the drive through once in a while for either a coffee, ice cream or meal. You can usually grab them for as low as $5-$10.

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