13 Best Ways to Make Money on the Side

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Nowadays we are all looking to save and get ahead financially. It can be hard to even keep up with your monthly bills let alone save for the future. There are many ways to find a side income to supplement what you already have coming in. The trick is to find you niche of expertise or to capitalize on something you enjoy doing. Take a look at this list of new ways you can begin to make money today, to help you pay for tomorrow!

1. Fiverr

Do you like to write or do research? Do you know how to make cool graphics? Maybe you’re great at editing videos or working with audio! Maybe you just do funny impersonations – that works too!

Head over to Fiverr.com, “world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5” and use your superpower skills to earn some cash. All you do is sign up for a free account and then you can sell (or buy) on Fivver. Create a “Gig”, the base price is $5 but you can add on to your base price with additional service options. Buyers will pay in advance – Each $5 Gig you sell and successfully deliver, accredits your account with a net revenue of $4. Fiverr accredits sellers once an order is completed.

2) Udemy

From programming to yoga to photography–and much more – you can create a course in your area of expertise, promote it and earn money from student tuition charges. Courses average under $200 (Note: Some are offered free and others are priced more than $200).

3) YouTube Tutorials

YouTube Tutorials have become more and more popular! You can search for “how to’s” on virtually anything from how to cut your own hair to refinishing furniture! Some have taped themselves opening toys and putting them together just so that you can see how they work before you buy them! Make it fun and have some sort of audience you are trying to speak to. As you become more popular and your viewers “subscribe” to your channel,  ads can be added to your videos earning you money! So get going and think of some topics -“Lights! Camera! Action!”

4) Take Surveys Online

Here are some reader favorites:

There are many sites that look for people to take surveys in exchange for payment. Imagine someone paying you for your opinion (penny for your thoughts)! Depending on how many survey sites you use and the amount of surveys you participate in you can make a bit of cash on the side! Here are a few survey sites you can check out to see if they would be a good fit! Pinecone Research, EPoll, MySurvey Or Opinion Outpost.

5) Sell Items On Ebay

Some people make a decent side income by selling items on Ebay. Maybe you have a huge stash of collectibles or antiques that you would like to turn into cash or maybe you just love finding high priced items on clearance that you can resell online! Either way, Ebay is a great way to turn your trash, someone else’s treasure.  It’s easy to do, you can get started by signing up for an eBay account.

6) Make Money On Etsy!

Etsy is a great place to sell crafts and artsy handmade or vintage items. If you like creating, painting, sewing, knitting and more this could be a great side gig for you! Find your skill and start selling it today! The cost is .20 cents per listing. They will list your product for four months or until your product sells. Your first 40 listings are FREE! When you sell items, Etsy charges you 3.5% of the price + the Etsy Shipping labels. So keep that in mind when you price your items.

7) Resale and/or Consignment Shops

No time for a yard sale? If you have items that are in good shape, consider taking them to resale and consignment shops!! Stores like Once Upon a Child and Plato’s Closet pay cash for gently used Clothes, Toys and more. I have taken items to both places over the years and been pleased with how much I received (Note: if you don’t like the amount they offer you, you do not have to accept it). You may make more by having a yard sale, but if you don’t have the time, this could be a great option.

You might also consider a local consignment shop. These can be super successful as well! You create an account at your store and find out which days they accept clothing. Be sure to spruce up your items before bringing them in. Do a spot check, send old shoes through the wash a couple times, check for snags, just make your items look as neat and nice as possible. Some stores can be very picky about what they accept. Be sure to ask about their policies so you know what to expect: Do they mark items down if they aren’t selling and can you pick them up before they would clearance them out? How often they send out checks? Also be sure to ask for a print out of the items that have been sold since your last drop off.

8) Have a Yard Sale

How much money can you make at a yard sale you ask? Well, it depends on what you have to sell and how you merchandise it! There are a few other things to consider as well, such as where you live, advertising and permits.


  1.  Price Your Merchandise – Have all your items priced ahead of time with stickers on the items. If your sale is successful, you will likely have lots of customers in waves and if your items aren’t priced, shoppers can get irritated and you may miss out on sales. On apparel, I will staple the price tag to the label (might seem like a lot of work but you really avoid price tags falling off items).
  2. Open Early – “Professional” Yard Salers plan their routes each day and if you open by let’s say 7am, you will be high on their lists of stops!!
  3. Be Prepared – Have small bills and change. Some shoppers come with only $20’s and they may be buying something that you only have priced at $1 (it happens all the time).
  4. Advertise – Get the word out about your sale: make signs for your yard and streets leading to your house (be sure you are allowed to post them). Also consider an ad in the newspaper if it doesn’t cost too much and look for online forums and sites where you might be able to list your sale for free.

9) Uber Driver:

Gotta Car? Turn it into a money machine! If you are in a city that has Uber services, you already have everything you need to get started. You are an independent contractor helping their community of riders get rides around your town. You set your own hours, you choose where you go and who you will pick up.

10) Babysitting

Most everyone with a child needs some help with childcare once in a while, whether it be everyday or just for appointments. Decide how often you would like to be available for this service. Maybe you just want to help someone out on the weekends or maybe you are available to do after school care. Next, call around to your local Day Care Centers and see what their rates are. Then set a rate for yourself that is competitive with theirs. It could even be the same rate, since you will be giving more one on one care for their child which is worth a lot. Put an ad in the paper or on the bulletin board of your local grocery store, share your new service on social media such as Facebook or maybe you know some parents in your neighborhood who could use some help.

11) Rent Out a Room Or Basement

If you own your own home and have extra rooms your aren’t using or an empty finished basement this may be an option for you. Check your local real estate listings for rental properties and figure out what it would cost someone in your area to rent a room. Then put out an ad or ask around to your friends if they know anyone in search of a place. Maybe you live near a college and a student needs a small room or a friend of a friend is looking for a cheap place to rent. List your “rules” such as, acceptable noise curfew, if there is access to washer and dryer, what day of the month you would like the rent, if pets are allowed and of course the security deposit. Give this a good amount of thought and research and you will quickly realize that your extra space may really pay off!

12) Dog Walker/Sitter

Taking care of other peoples dogs can be just as profitable as baby sitting. So many pet owners have to go on trips  or work long hours and are in need of quality care for their furry family members while they are away. A friend of mine had a successful side job as a dog sitter and walker while she was in between jobs. It is a decent source of income especially if you live in a high populated city Or in or near apartments and condos where those pets need to get out and walk!

13) Give Music Lessons

Do you know how to play an instrument and read music? Maybe you played the drums in college or your parents put you through years of piano lessons. Put your skills to use! There are many parents out there looking for one on one music instruction for their child – it can be hard to find. Put an ad in the local paper or even on craigslist. Share the days and times you are available and where you would be comfortable giving each lesson as well as the price per lesson.