13 Free Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

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Chances are if you have kids and it is Summertime, you have heard those dreaded words – “I’m bored”.  Fear not! As I have a great list you can refer to in these moments of frustration. Not only are these activities “Boredom Busters” but they are FREE too! Double win! Print out this list so that no one has to be bored! Good luck!

  • 1. Free Kids Workshops at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Michael’s, AC Moore Or JoAnn’s
    These activities are so much fun! Just be sure to call ahead Or register online as in some cases spaces are limited. You will have a better chance of finding a free workshop from Lowes and Home Depot than some of the Craft Stores. However, they do pop up every now and then.


  • 2. Local Parks
    Check into their events such as Movie nights Or just get out some energy on the tennis courts, bike path or playground equipment. Bring a picnic lunch or snack and have a day of fun outdoors!


  • 3. Create some Origami items! 
    My daughter was bored the other day and found a few videos on Youtube to show her how to make some super cute items with left over craft paper we had laying around. So fun!


  • 4. Summer Reading!
    • Barnes & Noble will have various events from games to story time that you can bring your kids to for FREE. Be sure to check your local store for these activities. And if you have older children, sign up for the summer reading program to earn a free book!
    • Head to your local library as most times they will have a summer reading list with a reward upon completion as well.
    • Lastly, check your local schools as there should be one in your area that opens their library once a week for kids to exchange books throughout the summer. Sometimes you can even check out movies!


  • 5. Local Zoo Or Museum
    Search for any local attractions in your area that may be Free. Many times at least the child’s admission will be free, making the outing so much more affordable.


  • 6. Crafts
    Get creative! Do you have left over paper plates from last weeks BBQ? Or a ton of half used school supplies from when the kids came home from emptying out their school desk?  Round up all of these items and draw, paint and glue up some fun.


  • 7. Visit a nearby beach (if you have one) and collect shells!
    If you don’t live near a beach, maybe you have a local lake OR you will be near one during vacation. A fun and free way to enjoy your time is by collecting shells or pebbles or just searching for items you would not ordinarily find at home.


  • 8. Backyard Camp out!
    Do you have some old camping supplies in the basement? Pull them out and set up a camp out in the back yard. You will have the luxury of your home nearby but still the fun of being outdoors! Roast some marshmallows, have a sleepover and tell stories to create some great summer memories on the cheap!


  • 9. Pick a recipe to make
    My daughter loves to think of things to bake or cook. Scan the pantry for items you already have and see what you can create!


  • 10. Take a Walk!
    Head out for a long walk and collect items along the way to make a collage! Another fun idea is to press leaves or flower pedals in a book for a bit to see how they flatten.


  • 11. Feed the ducks!
    Do you have a local lake or stream where the ducks like to hang out? We have a local fish hatchery where there are many ducks and ducklings waiting for a quick snack! Bring your stale bread or crackers and toss them a treat. You will be surprised that you enjoy it just as much as the kids do!


  • 12. Visit your local Fire Station
    Not something you may think of, but the Fire Men are most times very happy to give you a quick tour of their Fire House and kids of all ages find this super interesting.


  • 13. Build a fort.
    I can’t tell you the hours of fun myself as a child and now my kids have had with building a fort inside or outside of the house! Grab some old blankets, large cardboard boxes and chip clips and let your imagination run wild! When done, set up a picnic inside and read a good book!

***In addition*** If you don’t mind spending just a couple dollars, be sure to check out these last two ideas!

  • 1. $1.00 Movies! Head over here Or here to find your participating theater! For the last few summers I have really enjoyed bringing my kids to a movie on the cheap! And since we do not go to the movies very much during the year, due to the high cost, most of them are new movies for us! Score! Also, ask your theater about a kids snack pack. This is not always advertised BUT it is around $5 for them to have a small tray of popcorn, drink and fruit snacks. MUCH cheaper than their average sized drinks and snacks!


  • 2. Kids Bowl Free! Check for your local participating bowling alleys and treat the kids to a few games of bowling! You will have to pay to rent the shoes, but if you have your own it will be completely FREE!