14 Reasons to Shop at Aldi

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The German market chain, Aldi, is sprouting up all across the nation, and there is good reason- the store is a win-win of convenience and savings.  Aldi offers a no-nonsense approach to groceries.  If you haven’t shopped there yet, here are our top 14 reasons why you should give it a try.

  • Huge savings!


    • Private label brands beat the name brands every time!
    • Only around 1,400 items in stock






  • Affordable Healthy Eating


    • Lots of produce is locally grown
    • Examples: $.49 cherry tomatoes, $.69 bag of onions, $.69 package of mushrooms, $.99 pineapple
    • Best prices on Milk and Eggs





  • Organic and Specialty Foods


    • Simply Nature brand- all organic priced 50% less than national brands
    • Look for organic produce, too!
    • Living G Free – Gluten-free pastas, baking products, and more
    • Fit& Active – great for weight loss and healthy lifestyle




  • Budget Friendly, Quality Meats


    • Pork, Chicken, and Beef at Best prices
    • 100% Grass-fed Beef for $4.99/lb!
    • Special Buys weekly plus markdowns




  • Convenience


    • An average-size Aldi is about 10,000 square feet.
    • Identical Layouts in every store- easy to find everything you need.






  • Speedy Check-outs


    • Aldi’s cashiers are fast, like ninja fast!
    • No scales, no price checks, no coupons.
    • Accept cash and debit only which is another way they keep costs low- no expensive credit card processing fees.





  • Quality


    • Double guarantee offer on any of their brands which means if you try it and don’t like it, they’ll refund your money AND offer a replacement.





  • Your car won’t get dinged by a cart in the lot!


    • Rent a grocery carts for a quarter
    • Return your cart when you’re done, and get your quarter back.
    • No stray carts in the lot!
    • Helps keep prices down because they don’t have to pay someone to go gather carts!
    • If you ever forget a quarter, ask the cashier for one.  I haven’t had them refuse me yet.


  • Special Buys!


    • Weekly special buys on seasonal items
    • Great spot for holiday toys and candy
    • Great kitchenware deals





  • Clearance


    • Special buy items that are not selling quick enough can get reduced drastically!
    • Look for a rolling shelf with all their clearance deals on it.
    • Watch for tags that have a slash through them with a new hand-written price.  Those are the bargains!




  • They’re Green!


    • Bring your reusable bags because Aldi is green.
    • Plastic bags will cost you an extra $.10 per bag.  Paper bags will add $0.05 each.
    • Re-purpose one of their boxes into a carrying case.




  • Dinnertime just got easier!


    • Since Aldi’s products and prices stay pretty much the same year round, it’s much easier to create an economical monthly meal plan.
    • Less eating out expenses because you have dinner already planned!
    • Find recipes featuring all Aldi products to make it easier!





  • Wine under $5


    • Select stores only sell beer and wine
    • Rave reviews on their wines, and they’re less than $5!






  • Friendly People


    • Employees have a great work environment and it shows in their customer service.






  • Bonus! Check out some of our favorites:


    • Clancy’s Chips – you just can’t go wrong with any flavor
    • Savoritz Club Crackers
    • Hazelnut Butter
    • Spices – just $.99 each!
    • Butter
    • Frozen Waffles- My family has actually come to prefer these over Eggos!
    • French Toast Sticks
    • Bread
    • Kcups – just $4.99 a 12-pack at my store!
    • Fresh Mozzarella Balls
    • Millville Toaster Tarts
    • Carlini Olive Oil
    • Mootubes – Yummy, squeezy yogurts
    • Eggs
    • Milk including Almond Milk