15 Best Things You Should Buy at the Dollar Store!

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It can be easy to forget how convenient and CHEAP the dollar store is! Most times we add things to our list just to buy them with all of our regular necessities and do not think twice about making a trip to the dollar store. Lately I have been making two lists, one for my regular grocery store and another for the items that can be found for a buck! Take a look at the items I always buy at the dollar store!

1. Seasonal Decor:

I love the change in season and I can always find a cute shelf trinket, window sticker and even Christmas ornaments when the Holidays approach. No one can ever tell that I bought them from the dollar store!

2. Cleaning Supplies:

This is a must. Cleaning items can add up so quickly and we go through them and use them weekly! This way you can clean your house on the Cheap!

3. Hair Accessories:

Especially if you have a little girl, you know how quickly you can lose hair ties and all those cutesy accessories. It is so hard to find a headband for just a $1.00!

4. Greeting Cards:

Whenever someone’s birthday approaches or any other event that requires a card I head to the card section of the dollar store. Most times they are much less than $1.00 and have come a long way in the past couple of years. Some of them are giving Hallmark a good competition!

5. Lunchbox Snacks:

The other day I found a six pack of UTZ Snack Size Bags of Potato Chips. This is amazing considering it’s almost $5.00 for just a couple more bags at my local grocery store!

6. Plastic Food Containers:

You really save big when purchasing your plastic containers at the dollar store. They don’t last very long anyway so why waste money. They even sell name brands like Betty Crocker!

7. Baking Utensils:

If I need a new spatula or measuring cup I grab it for just a buck! ;)

8. Party Supplies:

You will thank yourself when you hear the final price of a cart load of party items from the dollar store.

9. School Supplies:

I browse the supplies we can get for $1.00 first, then go to the regular stores for what I could not get for cheap.

10. Food Storage Wrap, Foil Wrap, Parchment Paper and Ziploc Bags:

If you are making lunches and cooking daily you will need these supplies often. They can run up to $3.00 Or more at your regular grocery stores.

11. Movie Theater Candy:

Every summer the kids and I head to the box candy section to grab our $1.00 candy and then run to the $1.00 Summer kid’s movie. Super Cheap and Super Fun!

12. Tissues:

They are always $1.00 and you can snag brands such as Scotties and Kleenex.

13. Gardening Supplies:

I grab a new pair of gardening gloves and hand shovels every couple of years when I get ready to plant my spring flowers.

14. Pool Toys:

Each Spring and Summer they have everything from water wings to pool noodles.

15. Pet Food and Supplies:

Grab a cute pet toy, grooming tool or just a treat for less than at your grocery store!