16 Secret Tips To Help You Save When Shopping At Target!

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Shopping at Target can be so much fun when you combine every savings strategy available to you! Even if you only wish to use a few of these tips, they will help you save a good amount of money over time. Here are 16 ways to save when shopping at Target!


1) Target Red Card

When you sign up for the Target Red Card it will save you 5% Every Day, Give you Free Shipping from Target.com and earn you an extra 30 days for returns! There is no annual fee. You can choose to have the Target Debit or Credit Card. You can manage your account online, track your rewards and even add family members!


2) Cartwheel

Cartwheel is one of the easiest ways to save when shopping at Target. The best part is you don’t really have to do any “coupon homework”. I like to save as I go. For example after I throw an item in my cart I search for it on the cartwheel app. You can do this by typing in the item, searching through the items category or scanning the item with the Cartwheel App scanner and do a quick search to see any possible savings. When you are done shopping simply click on “my Cartwheel” to display your barcode and show this to the cashier when checking out. As you save more you will unlock more savings “spots” and badges.


3) Mobile Coupons

For weekly Target Coupons you can Text OFFERS To 827438 Or sign up online Here. Each week you will get a list of coupons to use in store. Simply shop and show the barcode on your phone to the cashier to cash in on the savings for any qualifying items you have chosen. You can cancel the Offers subscription anytime. Messaging rates may apply. Be sure to check the expiration, especially if there is a certain item of savings you have your eye on.


4) Target Printable Coupons


Be sure to check Target’s printable Coupons each week. A few of them are manufacturer’s coupons but most are all Target Coupons that can be stacked with Target Cartwheel savings and Manufacturer’s Coupons!! Be sure to check their coupon policy so that you know just how many coupons will work per item or sale.



5) Shop Target’s Markdown Schedule

Did you know that Target follows a weekly schedule of markdowns? They do (Below for reference only YMMV)!

  • Monday- Kid’s Clothing, Electronics, Baby, Accessories and Stationary
  • Tuesday- Women’s Clothing, Diapers, Pets and Market Foods
  • Wednesdays- Diapers, Furniture, Lawn & Garden, Men’s Clothing
  • Thursdays- Shoes, Toys, Decor, Lingerie, Sporting Goods
  • Fridays- Jewelry, Cosmetics, Auto & Hardware

Another important note on clearance or markdowns is that Target reset’s their toy and baby inventory each January and July to make room for new stock. So be sure to browse the edge of the toy or baby sections for these deep discounts.


6) Price Shopping Rain Checks

Have you ever went in to score a great deal and find that the item is completely wiped out! If this happens to you, just ask for a rain check! It will entitle you to that product at the current sale price for up to 45 days from the date listed. You can then use this rain check at any Target Store.


7) Shop End Caps

End caps are those shelves at the end of each isle. They usually hold all those clearance goodies that Target is trying to get rid of. For this reason they are discounted sometimes up to 75 or 90%. You can even use your Store Coupons, Manufacturer Coupons or Target Cartwheel for additional savings on these items.


8) Use Receipt Coupons

Many times once you check out you will get coupons attached to your receipt for items related to those you have already purchased. Be sure to take a look at them and see if they would help in your next shopping trip!


9) Quadruple Stack

Make the most of your coupons, clearance and sales. The best score is the one where you pair a sale with a Manufacturer’s Coupon, Target Coupon and Target Cartwheel All Together!! Keep your eyes peeled for these gems. It takes a bit of research but you will be so excited when you find an unbelievable deal made just for you by you!


10) Stalk The Holiday Clearance

Once a Holiday or Season has ended be sure to scan for their quick clearance to clear out their inventory. They may start at only 30% off and sometimes end up as much as 90% off!! One year at the end of summer I scored a deck umbrella for only $20 that was originally priced at $75!!


11) Bring Your Own Bag

I use to do this a lot! Save .05 Cents for every reusable bag you bring! Be sure to remind the cashier to scan their savings sticker for each bag you have.


12) Price Match Guarantee

If you bought an item at a Target store and then that same item goes on sale the next week in the Target ad, a competitors ad or on Amazon, Walmart.com, Best Buy.com, ToysRUs.com Or BabiesRUs.com, you can take your receipt to the customer service desk of your store (with proof) and receive the difference! Check their Price Match Guarantee Here.


13) Scan For Clearance Tags

When you browse the isles for the items on your list, scan the shelves for the red clearance tags. The other day in the makeup isles I scored Nail Polish on clearance for just $.50 cents!


14) Shop The Dollar Spot

When you first walk in the store there are a few racks of some amazing items priced at $3.00 or less. Some are just toys or snacks while other items can include trial size bottles, garden tools, home decor and more! These will sometimes go on clearance or even have a discount on the cartwheel app!


15) Use Coupons On Trial Sizes

Target is great for finding a variety of trial size products. They have them in the Health and Beauty Sections as well as the Dollar Spot. When you pair a coupon with the super cheap price of a trial size you can sometimes score a product for as low as FREE!