19 Easy Ways To Lower Your Electric Bill!

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It may seem impossible to cut down your power bill, especially with rising electricity rates. Be sure to explore all of your options. Check out this awesome list of some power saving, money saving tips you can start on today!


Check Your Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to be at a less comfortable setting while you are gone. In the winter have it set a few degrees colder, in the summer a few degrees warmer. Over time this savings will add up. If you do not have a thermostat that you can program, you can find them at Lowes.com Or remind yourself to adjust the temperature before you leave the house. You can even make up your mind to keep these settings throughout the day and just wear more clothes in the winter and less in the summer.


Use CFL Light bulbs and LED Night Lights

CFL light bulbs may cost more than the originals but they use less energy and last much longer! They will more than pay for themselves. Try switching out all of your light bulbs to get the best savings. Grab a 4pk. 60 Watt from Walmart.com for only $4.68!


Do all laundry loads in cold water

Try to wash most of your clothes in cold water. You are saving on energy here because it takes electricity to warm up all that water in your hot water heater so use it sparingly. Also be sure to wash full loads only. That way you can consolidate your clothing items into less loads.

Run the dishwasher and do laundry at night

This was a tip I heard a few years ago and as annoying as it may be to run and switch the laundry on the commercial break of your favorite evening show, it will most likely save you money. Energy is in more demand during the day of course when most people are more active. Therefore the rates during the day can run higher than at night. Take advantage of that and run your appliances in the evening if you have the time.

Check the Dryer’s Exhaust and Lint trap

Every 6-8 months my husband will check the dryer’s exhaust and clean out any extra lint that the lint trap didn’t catch. Extra build up will just make the dryer work harder and that means it will need more energy to do so. Also be sure to clean the dryer’s lint screen after each load.

Use Power Strips

Power strips are great because they keep your appliances safe and minimize the amount of electricity being used. Most have an on and off switch so that when you are not using the items plugged in you can actually turn the power to them off. This “Energy Saving Surge Suppressor” is only $19.66 from Walmart.com.


Invest in a Hot Water Heater Insulation Blanket

Don’t let your water heater lose any heat! Invest in an insulation blanket made just for hot water heaters. They are super affordable. You can grab this blanket from Lowes.com for only $21.57.


Use a Door Draft Guard

Does your front door have a gap at the bottom that lets in a draft? Grab one of these handy Door Draft Guards and have an easy fix! You may also want to replace the insulation around your door frame while you are at it. They are very easy to replace and won’t break the bank. Home Depot has a double draft stop for only $9.38.


Use Shades and Blinds!

Shades and Blinds can have a huge effect on the temperature in your house! In the summertime keep them closed so that the sun doesn’t shine in and heat your house. In the winter keep those blinds and shades open to let the sunlight warm your home! This will assist your heater. Homedepot.com has a huge variety of window coverings. Blinds can be one of the easiest to install. Grab them for only $4.97.


Check Your Return Vents

You may wonder what a return vent is. Some homes have vents that do not blow hot or cold air from the heater. They are actually used to suck up some of the unwanted air out of the house. They are placed at the top and bottom of one wall in each room of the house. In the summertime close the bottom vents and open the top ones. Hot air rises and you want to let the hot air escape. In the cold winter months, close the top vents and open the bottom ones. You want to trap in the warm air and let the cooler air out.

Get a Home Energy Audit

Do it yourself or hire a professional to go through your home and find any ways that your home may not be energy efficient. You can find a checklist online if you wish to do it yourself. If you hire a professional in may cost a couple hundred dollars to complete, but is still worth the information when considering how much money each fix may save you.

Hang Your Clothes To Dry if Possible

Shop Walmart Or Amazon for a laundry rack, only $27.99! If you have a clothesline outside or even inside, try hanging your laundry in order to conserve energy. You may even want to just line dry part time. For example buy a laundry rack and hang dry all of you tops. I do this frequently to not only save money but to save my shirts from the dryer! Sometimes the high heat will shrink or misshape a shirt and then I have to buy new one!


Check the Temperature of your Hot Water Heater

Some sites suggest lowering it to 120 degrees. It will cut costs significantly. The downside is that some think that it may not kill all bacteria in the dishwasher or laundry machine. Make the best decision for you family.

Apply Light Reflective Roofing Paint

When I was younger we had a closed in porch addition that my dad built onto the house. It had an almost flat roof so my dad could get up there and apply a white, weather roof coating. This protected the roof from ice, rain and wind as well as reflected the sun. It kept the room underneath much cooler! Grab a bucket of Behr Light Reflective Roofing paint from Homedepot.com for only $25.98!


Buy Energy Star Appliances

If you are in need of any new appliances be sure to look for the Energy Star logo so that you know it will use the least amount of energy possible. This top load washer will run you around $600 from Lowes.com. Be sure to browse the ones in your price range.


Install Insulated Windows

If you own an older home with drafty windows you may want to consider replacing a few of them with Energy Star Windows. As long as you can buy them off the shelf and do not need them custom made they can be affordable and not too difficult to install yourself. The one pictured from Homedepot.com is $159.00. If you can’t afford new windows all at once you can always replace one at a time so that it is not such a huge investment right away.


Use Window Kits

A window kit is a life saver in the winter when your windows let in all the cold air even when closed! I have purchased these a few times and they really work! First you will want to measure your window so that when you head to the store you can find the one that will cover your window completely. Next head to Walmart, Lowe’s or Home Depot to purchase your Window Kit. Then you will need to follow the directions on the package, (it’s super easy!) and grab your blow dryer to shrink, seal and tighten the plastic on the window. Stays there for as long as you want it to! Grab them from Walmart.com or Amazon for as low as $11.43.


Insulate Or Wrap Hot Water Pipes

These are super cheap at less than $2.00 each from Home Depot. They look like pool noodles only they have a slit down the side so that you can easily slide them over the pipes.


Use Dryer Balls

I never knew this but dryer balls reduce drying time! You can find a pack for about $5.00-$10.00 from Walmart.com. Depending on how many or what size you prefer.