25 Must Buy Items At Aldi

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If you love shopping frugal you will want to head to Aldi! They have a number of everyday grocery items at prices you will not find anywhere else. They do not accept coupons, but you do not need them as their prices are that good. Don’t forget your quarter as you will need one to use a cart! Don’t worry you will get it back when you return it! Also Aldi accepts cash, EBT Or Debit card only. And you will want to bring some reusable bags or buy your own from them, as they do not bag your groceries or give you bags to do so. This is another way they can keep their prices low. I have even grabbed a few of their paper grocery bags at my Aldi for as low as .10cents! I always seem to forget my reusable totes on my Aldi shopping day ;) And remember Aldi prices can vary by region.

  1. Milk – as low as $1.88 Even Almond Milk can be found for as low as $2.49/ half gallon!

  3. Butter – Butter is super pricey these days and I am not happy with paying almost $5.00 at my regular grocery store.

  5. Kids Yogurt Tubes – as low as $1.79!

  7. Artisan Lettuce – Rings in at around $2.00 and comes in a clear plastic bin with four different leafy styles. Yum!

  9. Fresh Fruits! – You can always grab the lowest prices on items like grapes, apples and pineapples, don’t buy your fruit at any other store!

  11. Fresh Veggies! – Just like with fruit, they are as much as 50% lower in price than your leading grocery stores. I happen to love blue berries but if I want them fresh it’s at Aldi for me!

  13. Nuts – These can be super expensive at other stores like Walmart, you will find them at their lowest price point at Aldi.

  15. Spices – as low as $1.99. They have a great variety of baking spices to choose from. I hate when I run out of a seasonings and there is no sale or coupon to back me up. Aldi saves the day here too!

  17. Chips and Snacks – You can find a bag of chips or multipack snack boxes for less than $2.00. Great for packing lunches.

  19. Cereal – If you have kiddos you probably go through cereal boxes like there’s no tomorrow. That’s definitely the case in my house! Stock up at Aldi, no coupons necessary!

  21. Canned Goods – Grab diced tomatoes, beans, green beans and more at super low prices. I can’t handle paying full price for these anymore after shopping at Aldi.

  23. Coffee – Grab a great bag of coffee to brew for as low as $4.99!

  25. Wine – This one will vary depending on whether or not your state allows grocery stores to sell alcoholic beverages. My store does not :( But I have heard from others that have snagged a good bottle of wine for as low as $4.99! Unbelievable!

  27. Bread – as low as $.89! Great Buy!

  29. Special Buys – Keep a lookout for the seasonal isle as they will have some great steals to grab during each season from gardening supplies to Specialty Christmas Candies.

  31. Condiments – From salad dressings to ketchup and mustard, you can grab a great price on your favorite condiment.

  33. Fit & Active items – This is a great line of low fat, low calorie foods to grab if you are looking for a lighter alternative to your regular items. They really taste great and are super cheap!

  35. Granola – Granola can be a bit pricey but Aldi has it covered with their low prices!

  37. Specialty Cheeses – You might be surprised at their selection of cheeses and their price points.

  39. Meats – The best meats to grab from Aldi is Turkey Bacon, Ham, Ground Turkey and Turkeys!

  41. Sauces – Take a look at their sauces from Marinara to Alfredo your taste buds will enjoy them as much as your wallet.

  43. Frozen Fish – Browse through their frozen fish section and pick up a great deal on Shrimp, Tilapia or Salmon.

  45. Juices and Tea – Grab some drinks at a low, low price.

  47. Almond Butter – If you are in love with this as much as most, you will score it for as low as half the price as in your regular supermarkets!

  49. Wipes – Grab a pack for as low as $.89!