30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!

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Cleaning the entire house thoroughly is a daunting task, but when you break it down by days over a month it can be much easier to conquer!  Join us on our 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge and get your house fresh, clean and organized before summer begins!

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Day 1:  Clean Out the Fridge. 

Look through your fridge and toss any expired foods.  Then you will want to give it a good clean.  Your fridge may have removable shelving like mine.  I like to put them in the dishwasher.  If that is not an option, grab some Clorox wipes or just a good soapy sponge and wipe down each surface.  My kids can drip some of the stickiest foods within my refrigerator, so sometimes I really have to work on it!  I follow up with a few paper towels lightly sprayed with Windex since my shelves are glass.  This helps with streaks and keeps a newer, fresher look.


Day 2: Clean Under the Sink.

For some reason underneath my kitchen sink turns into a “junk drawer” for all the items that do not fit in my junk drawer!  I have the kids paint brushes, floor cleaner, an extra flower vase, craft supplies and a water bowl for my mom’s dog when she brings him!  If your sink cabinet is like mine, sort through and see what is still good.  Have you used these items lately?, are they worth keeping?  I know I could stand to throw away some dried up paints and paint brushes.  Pull everything out to evaluate and before you put it back in, wipe down the bottom of the cabinet and surface of doors.  Next organize the items as you put them back.  You may even want to pick up some command hooks for the inside of the door to hang often used items like dish towels or even grab some wire shelving to stack your items.  No way is the wrong way.  As long as it’s clean and organized, you are a success!

Day 3:  Scrub Sink!

My sink is stainless steel and I like to use powder bleach and a scrubber sponge with a bit of warm water.  Rinse and it shines it up really nice!

Day 4: Clean Kitchen Floor And Baseboards.

When doing a GOOD CLEAN I skip the mop and use my elbow grease.  Yes you may be sore the next day but at least you can skip yoga for a day or two!  Grab a bucket, some floor cleaner and a couple of wash rags and get busy.  Start in the back corner and work your way through the kitchen. Do not forget the baseboards!  They get super dusty and your floor will look so much better when they are cleaned too!  I grab my supplies at the dollar tree.  I find a set of blue rags, one bucket and a bottle of the purple cleaner.  $3.00 and some change will get you a floor that sparkles!

Day 5:  Wipe Down Kitchen Trash Cans.

Yes those pesky trash cans get gross and smelly.  Grab some Cleaning wipes or spic and span and wipe it down real good.  I always us paper towels but you can use whatever you like to wipe, clean and dry it out.  Don’t forget to wait until it is fully dry to put your new trash bag back in.  Also look on the bottom, underneath and sides as well as insides and under the lid.  Once you start you will realize how yucky it really can get.  After all it does hold all of our trash.

Day 6:  Go Through Pantry

Just like with the refrigerator look at the expiration dates.  I know when I go through my pantry I toss some of the half empty snacks and cereal that no one is eating to make room for what we will need.  This sorting also makes way for you to see what you really have.  Discover a box of pasta you didn’t know was there or even a can of broth to make your favorite soup.  After you go through your food items, wipe down the shelving if needed.  I also have bought cereal storage boxes as well as a plastic container that holds individual bags of snacks for my kids to grab.  This keeps the shelves more organized and easy to access.

Day 7: Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets

This is my downfall.  I have my kitchen cabinets stuffed with casserole dishes, cups mugs and more that we only use maybe 50% of!  I have to remind myself to pick out what I do not use.  This may mean a trip to goodwill or passing on a few items to a friend or family member that could make use of them.  After you do this you will be able to straighten out your cabinets better and if you are like me they will be easier to close!  I tend to throw items in my top cabinets that I may not want my kids to have.  For example when my son was 3, someone bought him a Styrofoam sword that he liked to bug his sister with.  Well that ended up in the cupboards!

Day 8:  Clean Microwave And Oven

I like to use oven cleaner.  Use what you are comfortable with when cleaning your oven.  Wipe down the microwave, inside and out.

Day 9:  Wipe Down Stovetop, Counters, Tables And Chairs.

This will include any kitchen islands or microwave stands that you may have.

Day 10: “Magic Erase” The Walls, Wipe Blinds, Wash Curtains

If you have kids or pets you will have fingerprints or nose prints on your walls.  Grab one of those handy magic erasers and work your way around the kitchen.  Wipe down your blinds and windows and wash your curtains.

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Day 11: Vacuum and Clean Couch Upholstery.

Grab your vacuum and sweep up underneath and under cushions.  I grab an upholstery cleaner at Walmart and mix it with some warm water in a bucket.  Use a soft cloth to freshen your fabric.  Test on a small section of the back of your couch to be sure it will not harm it.  You can opt for just a quick Febreze spray.  I love doing this once a year, it really freshens my living room!


Day 12:  Dust!

I use paper towels, Windex and wood furniture cleaner.  I think there are even dust wipes and those cute duster Swiffers.  Anything will do.  Start top to bottom and don’t forget to move the knickknacks !  Throw away or pass on old magazines or books.

Day 13: Vacuum and Magic Erase the Walls.

Make sure to get underneath tables, chairs and TV stands.   Grab that magic eraser sponge again and wipe off any smudges or dirt spots that your living room walls have acquired.

Day 14:  Coat Closet

I like to go through mittens and gloves and get rid of what is worn out or too small.  I do this with coats and jackets as well.  Wash the ones you keep and rehang them.  I also have to vacuum out the bottom of the closet and mop.  Our floor closet floor is vinyl.  Or you may just wipe it down with cleaning wipes.  Grab a shoe organizer that sits on the floor or hangs. (We have both!)  Then hide a dryer sheet in a couple of spots to freshen it up!

Day 15: Curtains

This is one of my least favorite items to clean.  My curtains are all washer safe.  You may want to hand wash just in case.  I always hang them dry.  I like to use those clothing hangers that have the clips on the ends.  Then I hang them around the house where ever it works until they are dry.  Last, I iron them so they look as if I had just pulled them out of the box from the store!

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Day 16: Go Through Cabinets

Under sink cabinets, drawers and medicine cabinets get stuffed with random items we need now and then.  Check for expired medicines, half or almost empty shampoos and any other older products you are no longer using that may have gone bad or stale.  After you go through these areas, wipe them down and reorganize what is left to keep!



Day 17: Toilets and Tubs   

Wipe down and scrub tubs and toilets.

Day 18 :  Sinks, Mirrors, Windows 

Grab the Windex and paper towels and get to work!

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Day 19 & 20 Closets:

You may or may not have children, if not, your extra bedroom will most likely have a closet or two and maybe even a dresser.  This is a great time to switch out the seasons.  Toss or donate the clothes that are not being worn or have been grown out of.  Vacuum the bottom of the closet, grab some extra hangers, dust inside drawers.  I like shelf and drawer liners.  They just feel fresh, but are not necessary.  I also like to add a few dryer sheets to the closet or dresser drawers to give a nice scent when looking for clothes in the morning.


Day 21  Kid’s Toys / Playroom

If you don’t have kids, you could jump to day 22 or take a day off ; )    Sorting through toys can take forever!  Grab a few trash bags and label them trash Or donate.  Purchase a toy organizer if you don’t already have one.  Wipe down any sticky play items before putting them away.  Throw away the puzzles and games that are missing any pieces.  Vacuum and wipe the inside of the toy box.  Vacuum or mop the room. Dust shelves.

Day 22:  Wipe Down Blinds And Windows

Blinds and windows can get very dusty.  Take your time and wipe them down so that any dust is eliminated.  You will love how much better you windows look and feel.

Day 23: Clean Curtains

Same as day 15, but you are cleaning the curtains in the office Or kids and guest bedrooms.

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Day 24 Closets, Dressers And Curtains

Get rid of what what you no longer wear as well as those items that are worn out.  Vacuum or wipe down drawers and closets before you reorganize the items you will keep.  Wash, Dry and Iron Curtains.

Day 25: Clean Sheets, Pillows, Comforters and Bed Skirt.

Run these items through the wash if possible.  Hang dry and or iron to have them looking their best.

Day 26: Dust, Vacuum And Clean Out Under Bed

If you are like me you may have  a few purses, hats and boots stashed under your bed.  I also keep a few of our overnight bags for vacation under there.  Sometimes I have even found old tissues!  Pull it all out, go through it and vacuum before you put anything back.  This will especially help those that are allergic to dust.

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Day 27: Wipe Down Shelves and Washer and Dryer Surfaces.

Wash, clean or wipe down inside your washer or dryer.  Or grab some of those cool washer cleaner items in stores.





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Day 28:  Sort Through and Reorganize.

We all have too much stored in our garages or basements.  Look through and see what you no longer need or use.  Reorganize what you would like to keep.

Day 29: Clean Up Outdoor Furniture, Rake and Get Rid Of Dead Plants

Throw away dead shrubs and plants, rake leaves, spray down deck or porch and outdoor tables and chairs.



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Day 30:  Vacuum, Wipe Down Inside and Wash outside.

You can do this at home or take it to a car wash that also has industrial sized car vacuums.  Pick a new car air freshener and if you are like me you will have some left over upholstery cleaner to use on your car seats.  Be sure it is a warm day so that you can leave the windows cracked in order for the seats to dry properly.

Congrats! You Are Done!

Need any organizational items, containers, shelving or bins?  Head to Walmart or Lowes and find what works best for your newly organized spaces!