49 Major Brands That Will Send You Coupons for Free

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There are so many places to grab a great coupon that we often forget the old fashion way of just contacting the company. Many times just letting a brand know how much you use and need their product will get you some great goodies. Take a look through this list and check for any of your favorite brands and send them letter or email! You may just get the perfect exclusive coupon or even sample in your mailbox.

Please Note: These companies have sent coupons to some of our readers in the past and that is why they made the list. It is not guaranteed that you will get them. It’s always nice to let the brand know how much you love their products along with your request for coupons!

  1. Apple & Eve
  2. Angel Soft
  3. Aquaphor
  4. Aquafresh
  5. Alkaseltzer
  6. Archway
  7. Arnold
  8. Aussie
  9. Azteca
  10. AXE
  11. Abreva
  12. Atkins
  13. Banana Boat
  14. Band Aid
  15. Beechnut
  16. Bertolli
  17. Blue Diamond Almonds
  18. Benadryl
  19. Bigelow
  20. Borden
  21. Birds Eye
  22. Bush’s
  23. Bumble Bee
  24. Chobani
  25. Country Crock
  26. Coffee Mate
  27. Diamond
  28. Duncan Hines
  29. Eight O Clock
  30. Edy’s
  31. Ensure
  32. Entenmann’s
  33. Flintstone’s
  34. Friskies
  35. Glad
  36. Gerber
  37. Hefty
  38. Hungry Jack
  39. Iams
  40. Jennie O
  41. Kleenex
  42. Lucky Leaf
  43. McCain
  44. New York Brand
  45. Ocean Spray
  46. Pretzel Crisps
  47. Sara Lee
  48. Schick
  49. Wish Bone