5 Cities That Will Pay You To Live There!

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Can you imagine getting paid to move into a new home!? Well imagine no more, you can make this dream a reality. Check out this list of five cities that will give you cash just for moving to their zip code!


1) Alaska

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Reserve is an incentive program that pays residents money via profit sharing and oil revenue. Some years residents have cashed in for as much as $3,000! Think of what you might do with a yearly bonus like that! Pay off some bills, go on vacation or add to your savings for a rainy day. You may want to consider calling a moving truck!


2) Detroit, Michigan

Detroit may not be the first city you think of when wanting a change of address but there is a definite benefit to consider when researching the Detroit area. The biggest benefit being a $20,000 credit toward the purchase of a home in their downtown district. The only catch here is that it has to be your primary residence. Existing homeowners can earn up to $5,000 for outside upgrades when it reaches $10,000 or more in value. If you wish to rent, a new renter will get $2,500 towards their first year of residence and $1,000 for the second year and each year the lease is renewed.


3) Lincoln, Kansas OR Plainville, Kansas

Kansas is offering Free Home Sites in their cities of Lincoln And Plainville! If you have the desire and the funds for the construction of a new home, the land will be free! This is an amazing deal. A $500 deposit is all that is needed before construction can begin. It will be refunded to you when the construction of the house has met the criteria necessary for the community. Both cities are very small. So if you are looking for the comfort of hometown living, this is a great option for you. Land is first come, first serve.


4) Harmony, Minnesota

Harmony, Minnesota will give you a construction rebate for $5,000-$12,000, depending on the market value of your new home. The program will last until the funding runs out or the city decides to end it. Download the guidelines and application to see if this is a good fit for you!


5) Niagara Falls, Ny

Niagara Falls is willing to help you pay your student loans if you choose to move to their beautiful city! You must live in a specific neighborhood for at least two years to cash in. A payment of up to $3,492 a year can be given to put towards your student loan bill. All student loan and rent or mortgage bills must be up to date.