5 Stores Plus-Sized Women Should Know About

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It seems that there’s this new trend with plus-sized clothing that requires clothes to be bold colors, bold patterns, and the shirts have to fall at the waistline. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! How can you feel confident in your outfit when your wardrobe resembles a fruit basket or when you can’t lift your arms, or your kids for that matter, without fear of showing things that you don’t necessarily want to be seen! As confident plus-sized women, we want clothes that let our beauty shine through. With that being said, it can be hard to find plus-sized clothing that actually is made to flatter and doesn’t come in patterns that would make a sane woman cringe. It can be really scary to buy online, but it is becoming one of the only choices for women who want fashion and fit in a size bigger than what most department stores would determine as plus sizing (Size 20+). These are just a few of our favorite stores and websites for plus-sized clothing. We’d love to hear yours!

*NEW* We have added Reader Favorites below followed by our picks!!


1) Lane Bryant

What we like:

  • Size 14-28
  • Professional wear, Athletic Wear, Trendy Styles, Shoes, plus Lingerie
  • Sales plus coupons make it easy to be affordable!
  • Credit card rewards that come in the form of cheques and can be used on even their best sales, like their 50% off sales.
  • More styles online and shipping to store is free.
  • Easy to return at local store.

What we don’t like:

  • Jeans that really fit can be hard to find. While the Seven7 jeans seem to provide the best flattering fit, their Lane
  • Bryant jeans are either ridiculously long or the waistband goes closer to your bra than your navel.
  • Salespeople are really pushy on getting the Lane Bryant card.
  • Panties and bras are hit or miss. I have gotten some that fit well and are really comfortable and some that won’t stay on. Their full-coverage bras are some of my favorite.


2) Woman Within

Why we like it:

  • Most styles let you pick the shirt length so you’re sure to find one that falls at the most flattering spot for your body!
  • Lots of coupon codes make getting a great buy easy-peasy.
  • True-to-size clothes that have reviews from real people.
  • Swimwear with built-in bras that actually hold the girls up — really!
  • Flattering winter wear! Who in their right mind would make a plus-sized puffer jacket?!
  • Great picks for professional women.
  • Sizes 12W-44W

What we don’t like:

  • No plus-sized models to show the clothes.
  • Online only, but return policy is great.


3) Torrid

What we like:

  • Great sales including the occasional BOGO sale!
  • Styles range from pin-up to fashion-forward.
  • Non-mom jeans that look good!
  • Awesome boots made to fit wider calves and legs – even over-the-knee boots!
  • Their comfy panties are the best fit.
  • Their DivaStyle rewards program lets you earn rewards on your purchase (basically 5% back) without having to get one of their Torrid credit cards.
  • Buy online and in stores.
  • Sizes 12-28

What we don’t like:

  • Shipping times seem to take longer.
  • Wish they went higher than size 28
  • Stores are far and few between.


4) Gwynnie Bee

What we like:

  • You get a 30 Day FREE Trial!
  • It’s like Netflix with Plus-sized clothes! You subscribe for 1-10 outfits, build a closet of the styles you like, then send them back when you are done.
  • First month is $10. (Sometimes free)
  • Great way to road test new-to-you brands/designers without forking over your entire clothing budget
  • Unlimited free shipping
  • Sizes 10-32
  • Real pictures of real women wearing the clothes!
  • If it doesn’t look good, send it back!
  • If you love it, you have the option to buy it at 50% off retail.

What we don’t like:

  • Subscription prices range from $35-$99 depending on how many outfits you choose. While $35 is modest, it only lets you have one outfit at a time.
  • Essentially, the clothes are borrowed which means other people have worn them. If that skeeves you out, then this is not the plan for you.
  • Shipping will generally run about a week (2-3 days for processing, 2-4 days for shipping). Plus, you have to factor in the time it takes for them to get the clothes back.
  • You never know what item they’ll pick from your closet, so it’s not ideal for on-demand clothing for events/parties.
  • Returning the clothes usually requires a trip to post office or the blue box due to the size of the box.


5) Catherine’s

What we like:

  • Great for professional women who don’t need bold patterns and colors.
  • Perfect-priced items plus sales make clothes more affordable.
  • Sizes 0X-5X and 16W-34W
  • Great place for wardrobe essentials, especially camis, which their sister-site, Lane Bryant, cuts way too short.
  • Their Jayne pants are extremely comfortable work pants.
  • If you have a store card, it can be used at Lane Bryant (and vice versa) but they have different credit reward programs.
  • Shipping and returns to any store are free, including to their sister stores.

What we don’t like:

  • Stores are far and few between so it really is becoming an online-only experience.
  • Coupons can be difficult to use. Basically, they only work on regular priced items so, often, you can’t mix a great sale with a coupon.
  • Some of their clothes have a tent-like fit, so you have to really shop for measurements.
  • Some patterns and cuts can be overly-matronly.