5 Worst Places to Take Your Kids for Spring Break

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Every year at around this time, hot spots across the nation are overrun with crowds of “Spring Breakers” who come to the most popular spots all on the same weeks. If you are planning to vacation over the weeks of spring break, here’s a handy list of destinations you should probably avoid if you want to keep your sanity intact. We also have a few alternatives choices that you might consider instead!

1) Disney World

Sure, it’s the happiest place on Earth, but thousands of families will be taking advantage of the week off school to enjoy the Magic Kingdom. You can expect to be elbow to elbow with other families which does not make for a very fun trip. Instead, try a Disney Cruise. There are loads of fun things for the kids to do, and chances for parents to enjoy some down-time too! Great Wolf Lodge resorts are another great option with their indoor water parks, wizard fun, and fun characters.

2) Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a gorgeous tourist spot and it’s Mayan ruins and warm white powdery sand beaches make it worthy of a visit, but not during Spring Break. Cancun attracts hundreds of thousands of college kids ready for Spring Break fun, making it a not-so-great choice for families or anyone wanting a stress-free vacation. If you’re just looking for an international trip, this is the off-season for Paris and London so you’ll get great prices and avoid huge crowds. Otherwise, try Tulum, Mexico which has a lot of the same features as Cancun without all the crowds.

3) Myrtle Beach, SC

Perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant nightlife make Myrtle Beach a hot spot for Spring Break. Throngs of college students will be celebrating their break on the Grand Strand. Opt for the higher-priced resorts on the Strand, and you might be able to avoid the huge college crowd. Better still, skip Myrtle Beach at this time of year and go for Kiawah Island instead. Ice cream socials, campfire sing-alongs, and nature hikes are just a few of the perks families will love.

4) Lake Havasu or Las Vegas, NV

Both cities are known hot spots for college Spring Breakers, and both are better saved for a different time of year. If big city lights is what you are going for, head in the opposite direction of most and go north to check out New York City, Chicago, or Philadelphia. If you’d rather stay in Nevada, try Henderson City instead. You’ll get all the water fun of Lake Havasu and the gambling and shopping fun of Las Vegas.

5) Florida Hot-spots

Besides Disney World, Florida is host to a whole slew of hot spots that attract nationwide college students. You’ll want to avoid Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach, Key West, and South Beach, Miami. For great Florida family fun, opt for Amelia Island, the Palm Beaches, Apalachicola, or Hollywood Beach. If you want to go really big, check out Atlantis in the Bahamas.