6 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes!

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Trick or Treat doesn’t have to break the bank! When you look at the full price of your child’s favorite costume it can be a bit discouraging, especially if you are on a budget. But in all honesty it is more fun to do it frugal! I love the hunt for a great look for super cheap and it also has you be more creative if you find pieces to put together yourself. If you are wanting to save some money this Trick Or Treat Season, take a look at a few ways that can help!

  1. Check the Consignment Shops!
    This is a great way to save on costumes for the kids. Not only are they at a great price but they are probably only used once! You figure every year kids want to be something different so they will not be as worn as the everyday clothes that are sold in the same store. You may even want to drop off your own costumes from last year and even out the cost all together from what you are able to sell!
  2. Costume Swap!
    Get together with cousins, neighbors and friends and go through your Halloween stash! Someone may have the very item you have been looking for and in return you may be able to give them something they need to complete their look as well.
  3. Shop the sales!
    Target is a great place to shop this time of year, match their sales with their Cartwheel Offers to grab brand new costumes super cheap! My favorite sale is their BOGO Sale! This is especially great if you have more than one child OR you like to go to many trick or treating events!
  4. Shop the Clearance!
    This is the one my family does the most. The entire month of October my kids scope out the Halloween Costume isle and tell me which ones they will want most for next year. Then the day after Halloween I run in and score them for as much as 50-75% off! Then I store them in a plastic bin for the next year and they have new costumes! We have done this every year now for at least five years and we have a great stash! Two big plastic bins full!
  5. Need accessories?
    Head to the Dollar Store Or Target’s Dollar Spot. This is where you can pick up easy items like face paint, wands, hats, plastic teeth and all sorts of other spooky goodies to create your best costume!
  6. Looking for a big bag or bin to carry the candy!?
    Use any of the following! Plastic Pumpkin Bucket for $0.97 at Walmart, an old pillow case, grab a Happy Meal in the month of October and use the plastic Jack O Lantern Bucket Or just double up a grocery bag!

Make it for cheap and keep it fun!