6 Ways To Save When Buying Meats

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Meat seems to be that one food staple that can get out of control with pricing.  There are not usually many meat coupons to help drop the price and if you are like me, sometimes you just buy what you need and try not to stress about it.  Unfortunately if you pay full price for each meat purchase it will dig into the budget for the rest of your grocery items.  That’s when I get irritated!  Grab a few of these ideas to take back control of your meat budget!


1. Buy The Family Pack

Most times if you can spot the money for the bulk pack you will pay less per pound.  I like to do this once in a while and then portion out my meat into freezer bags or plastic wrap and pop them in the freezer so that they are ready when I need them.





2. Look For The Discount

I frequently buy discounted meats, intended for quick resale because they are approaching their “sell by” date.  Of course you will want to take a good look at the meat and be sure that it still looks good and the it is not past the expiration.  Sometimes you will find a reduced price Or a meat coupon for $1-$3.00 off of the original price.


3. Follow The Flyers

Research the ads from your local grocery stores and follow the deals.  Base your shopping and meals for the week on the price and type of meat currently on sale.  For example if Food Lion has a family pack of boneless chicken breasts on sale for $1.99/lb.  You will want to shop there and make a few chicken recipes this week.  Try the Favado App to compare meat prices in your local store ads.  Grab it here for Android Or Here for iTunes!



4. Use Less Per Recipe

Cut down on the amount of meat you use per recipe.  You may reduce it by only 1/3 or as much as 1/2 and cut it down to smaller pieces or bits when cooking.  Add more veggies, rice or noodles in it’s place to fill the dish.  This will make the meat you do buy go further.




5. Try Meatless Mondays!

Pick a day or two of the week and make a meatless meal!  This will not only trim your budget but I have heard it is healthy to cut excess meat from your diet.  Grab a “Meatless” Cookbook from Amazon to help with some recipe ideas!




6. Check The Discount Grocery Stores

Do you live near an Aldi, Save A Lot, Food 4 Less Or other discount grocery store?  Take a look at their meat department.  My Save A Lot offers a great variety of fresh meats and most times their sales are terrific!






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