7 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone and Android

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After the Holidays we’re all in a rush to cleanse ourselves of all those treats we have been indulging in. Many of us head back to the gym, sign up for a new membership or create goals for ourselves only to fall off track. If you have a smartphone, it can not only be FREE to find the motivation for a workout, but you can work it into your schedule any time day or night! Here’s a list of the best fitness apps we found – Download today for results tomorrow!

My Fitness Pal


I have tried this one myself and I love how it works! It is very easy!

This is a great Free Online Calorie Counter AND Diet Plan to load onto your phone, tablet or ipad. Find Nutritional Information for over 2000000 foods! Simply Enter in the foods you have eaten throughout each day and it will calculate the calories and fat content. Next enter in any exercise you have done. For example, 10 Sit Ups Or 30 Minutes on the treadmill. It will then calculate how many calories you have burned and what your weight would be if you maintained this regimen everyday. This one really helps you be accountable for every calorie and every activity you do.


Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App



Here is an app that is all about a quick daily workout you can accomplish anywhere, at your pace in only 7 Minutes! You can customize your workout or choose among a variety of 7 minute exercises. They vary in intensity so you can start with the beginner workout and move your way through the higher intensity workouts. This app can be used as your own personal trainer for just a few short minutes a day!





Here is a fitness app for those who enjoy more weight training or just want to add it in their routine for more variety. Choose from 1300+ exercises from their training database. You will get step by step instructions as well as video tutorial. This system will also help you track your progress and keep you motivated to continue your exercise routine each day.


Daily Yoga



Here is a fitness app for the yoga lover! Download this app for free and begin browsing over 50 Yoga sessions and programs with over 400 poses and HD Videos to learn from. Choose your stage of Yoga awareness, from Prenatal and Beginner yoga to more advanced levels. One of the best features is that if you only have a few minutes or a full hour, there is an option for you to choose!




This app is great for those who like to run! MapMyRun uses your phones GPS to track your running, distance, duration, pace and calories burned. You can also save and upload your workout history.




This app is great for the runner, hiker, biker and more! You can not only track your speed, distance, route and calories burned but you can also keep a personal exercise diary. Add training plans and share your progress on social networks.




Grab this app especially if you have a fitbit tracker. Link your info from you fitbit device to your app and track your eating, exercising AND Sleeping! You can also participate in Challenges with other friends using the fitbit app to help stay motivated.