7 Cool Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men

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Subscription boxes can be so much fun to sign up for especially when they are so useful and practical! There is a box for any interest or need from foodies to fisherman! Here is a list of the best companies to choose from for men!

1) Dollar Shave Club

What it is: The Dollar Shave Club is one of the more popular subscriptions. With these monthly packages you can choose which type of razor is best for you and never have to worry that you will be out of blades because they will arrive at your door by the time the old one is worn out! Pick the blade that is best for your skin needs. Change your mind and pick a different razor free of charge. The blades can be delivered every other month, if every month is too often. You can cancel anytime.

Cost: Choose from the Basic Shaver for $3.00/mo, The Member Favorite for $6.00/mo Or the Final Frontier for $9.00/mo. Add facial products to your monthly boxes easily for as low as an extra $4-$9.


2) BeSpokePost

What it is: The BeSpokePost Subscription boxes are really cool! Each month there is a different themed, limited edition box sent to your door. You can preview the box online before it comes to make sure that you would like what is in it. You will get an email at the first of each month to preview the items. If you do not care for the selection you can skip that month free of charge! You may also watch tutorials and read interviews about the products to make the most of your new items. The contents of each box is worth $70.00 or more!

Cost: You can join the club and pay $45 Per month, no commitment Or pay $55 per month. Shipping is Free!


3) Birchbox for Men

What it is: Birchbox has a line of subscription boxes for men! These are great and offer a personalized array of style and grooming items each month. This is a great gift for yourself or someone else with an upcoming birthday or special occasion. Once you sign up, fill out a grooming profile so that you can receive the best products for your skin and hair type.

Try Code SOCKS for a free pair of socks when you subscribe!

Cost: Grab this monthly box for as low as $20.00 per month!


4) Mantry

What it is: The Mantry is a Subscription company that is a modern pantry for today’s man! It is a manly food of the month club. This is a great monthly crate to get for a guy who loves to cook and find new food items to create new dishes. Each box contains 5-6 full size premium food items from around the U.S. in a monthly theme. The items also come with ideas and instructions on how to cook with them.

Cost: The cost is $75.00/mo. + $10.00 Shipping.


5) Tacklegrab

What it is: This monthly subscription is perfect for the fisherman! Fill out a quick survey to show your style of fishing and Tacklegrab will match you with the best bait to catch more fish! They will give you the best selection based on your fishing type and region. Each box ships free but you can choose which pricing option works best for you.

Cost: Sign up for as low as $13.00/mo for 12 months.


6) Fresh Neck

What it is: Fresh Neck is a modern man’s alternative to shopping for ties, bow ties, pocket squares or cuff links. The brands include Calvin Klein, DKNY, Kenneth Cole And more! Each package contains up to four items. Shipping is Free.

Cost: Choose between 3 different memberships that range from $20-$55 per month.


7) Harry’s

What it is: Here is another great shaving subscription! Even the basic plan includes shave creams with the blades. Harry’s designs and manufactures their own razors in their own factory, giving you the best customer satisfaction.

Cost: Choose up to three different plans starting at $31.00 per month based off of your shaving needs.