7 Retailers That Allow Coupon Stacking Online

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When looking for a great deal online you will of course want to get the biggest bang for your buck. One of the best and most exciting ways to do that is to stack coupon codes! This is very much like coupon stacking in stores, but you are adding codes online at checkout. And just like in store there are online retailers that allow these coupons to apply together, to reduce your total immensely! Of course you will need to keep an eye out for the details of each code as not all codes will stack with one another. Here is a quick list of the 7 best online retailers that allow coupon stacking!

Kohl’s is super awesome when stacking codes! Many times you can grab a $ off, % off and even a Free Shipping code discount all at once! You can stack a total of FOUR coupon codes online and TWO on a mobile device. There is however an order in which Kohl’s will apply these codes, here is how they list the order on their site:

  1. Specific Department, Dollar off Or Percent off
  2. Dollar off coupons such as Kohl’s Or Rewards Cash
  3. Last, Only 1 sitewide percent off discount

Where should you check for these codes? You can always find a great deal at Coupondivas.com AND head over here as well! ;)


Old Navy is another go-to for grabbing an extra discount with multiple codes. Again, be sure of the details of each code before you begin your hunt for a sweet deal. There is nothing more disappointing than filling your cart and applying a code that is valid BUT does not apply to the items in your cart :( Old Navy will allow up to FOUR codes per purchase! Even sweeter, most times the Free Shipping threshold will apply to your total BEFORE discounts! Yay! Want to see the latest greatest codes for Old Navy?! Head over here and scroll through to see what discounts you can grab!!


Gap will actually allow you to stack a Whopping FIVE codes online!! Wow! However, it can be tricky to grab the right combination of codes that will work together so be sure to check out the info on each code before you begin shopping!

Looking for a current Gap code? Snag one right here! 

Target is another great site to stack offers. I have found that when browsing through their site they will usually list a discount in red lettering beneath any qualifying items. Also, sometimes there are similar deals online as in store. For example, there may be an in store Gift Card or Cartwheel discount available for certain items, be sure to search for that item online to see if Target.com has a comparable offer. I have found that most times they do! Target will even list the code you will need, to grab the discount, under the item that qualifies! Also, keep an eye out for those discounts that stack online. You may find that you can subscribe to earn 15% off, grab a Gift Card for a certain amount purchased AND use a department specific coupon code. It may take a bit of time searching through, but the savings you grab is SO worth it!


Here is another fun site to score multiple savings offers! I have found many of their codes listed on their site when you head to the bottom of the page and click on the “Today’s Offers” Tab. You can select which of them you would like added at checkout OR if you have found another HOT code you can enter that at checkout manually. Victoria’s Secret allows up to three coupon codes which can make for a pretty sweet deal when paired with a great sale!


 Amazon is another retailer where you can stack multiple offers at once. Not only can you snag a discount with a coupon code but you can also “clip” coupons. Yes! They have “clippable” coupons as well! Many times these coupons will show up on the product page of the item you are purchasing and other times you may need to head to the listing of coupons to grab the one that best suits your shopping needs. You can head here and browse around. Coupon codes can be added to your order in your cart OR at checkout. Be sure to read the full details as some of them require a specific, color, weight, quantity or other stipulation for redemption. You can sometimes find these codes on an items product page if they list any “special offers” near the bottom of the page.


  • 7. JCPenney
    You can many times grab a coupon code from JCPenney just from their homepage! Usually the most current codes are listed right at the top and you can click on the details to read as to just how they will apply to your order. You can also head here for any other hidden offers that you may need to grab as well. I have found that the most successful way to apply more than one coupon code is to use a % off coupon with a $ off coupon AND a Free Shipping coupon. Just be sure you have met the requirements at checkout.