7 Ways To Save Money at Whole Foods

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Shopping at Whole Foods does not have to break the bank.  There are a number of ways to still keep the items you need well within your price point.  You may not be able to shop for everything you would like at one time, but if you stock up when the price is right you will score the products you need at a great discount.  I love shopping for healthy foods and I don’t have to feel guilty about how much I’m spending when I follow these tips!
1. Shop the Whole Market Sales Flyer
The Sales Flyer will give you a good idea on what to plan your grocery list around.  They also show you how much you save on each sale item.  For example say chicken drumsticks are on sale for $1.99/lb. They then have underneath “You Save 20% Off”.  It’s always good to know just how steep the discount really is!


2. Browse Whole Foods Coupons
Be sure to check the list of Whole Foods Store Coupons.  They are also listed in our database under “Whole Foods”.  You can take your flyer to our database and search for the items on sale and see if there are Whole Foods Coupons AND Manufacturers Coupons to use on the products you need.



3. BYOB!: Bring Your Own Bag
Did you know that you can save 5-10 cents per bag you bring!?  You can!  Round up your reusable grocery bags or grab some HERE.  It may not be a lot but for a bunch of big trips, this will add up over time to some great savings.



4. Buy The 365 Brand
The 365 Brand is the store brand of healthy or better quality food items and products that you can buy at a more affordable price!  They do offer store coupons on these items as well to give you double the savings!



5. Sign Your Kids Up For The Whole Foods Kid’s Club!
Head to your Whole Foods’ Customer Service Desk and sign your kids up for the “Kid’s Club”.  Each time you visit they can get a coupon for one free Apple, Organic Fruit Leather Or Natural Crackers.  I love this idea!  My kids always want a treat when we shop and this way you know it’s healthy!  And in turn it teaches them to enjoy snacking healthy!


6. Shop Bulk Bins
I Like the bulk bins because you can grab just what you need for the week.  Bring your own container and save an extra 10 cents!  If you are a frequent Bulk Bin Shopper the savings will add up.  Also, be sure to have them weigh your container before you fill it up so that they can deduct the weight and you don’t pay for your container!


7.  Grab The Friday Only Sales
It is definitely worth shopping Whole Foods on Fridays!  Many times you can score great deals on Meats and more each week.  Keep a look out.  Organic chicken is my favorite score! What is yours?





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