8 Items To Always Buy Used

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Buying used does not have to feel taboo!  I actually feel really smart when I pick an item that I know is gently used and at a great price!  Let someone else pay the hot ticket price and you can score some great savings!  Here is an easy list of items you will no longer question, “Should I buy that brand new?”.

  • 1. Kid’s Or Baby Clothes And Other Items

As babies our kids grow and move through stages so fast that they only need certain items for a fleeting moment.  For example, a bassinet.  Your baby will probably only spend a few weeks or 2 months at the most in the bassinet.  My babies each slept in a used one from a fellow family member who no longer need theirs.  I in turn passed in on to my sister for her new baby.  Baby clothes are the same.  Babies grow so fast that they are out of a certain size or item before it is even worn out!  It is a waste to buy everything brand new when it clearly has more life left in it!  Now we still need to be aware of any recalls that certain cribs, car seats, toys and more can have.  Check HERE for recalls on any used baby or toddler items in your home.

You may also want to check out “10 Ways To Save On Kids Clothes”.

  • 2. Household Furniture


Filling up an entire house with all of the necessary furniture can come with a huge price tag when you buy everything brand new.  Check Yard Sales, Second Hand Shops and ask friends and family for any items that they may no longer have use for.  When we bought our first house we picked out a new couch and then added used stands and tables to help offset the price to furnish the home as a whole.  This approach may work for saving money in your budget as well!

Some sites to check out used furniture online include: Etsy Or Craigslist



  • 3. Cars


From the moment you drive a car off of the sales lot it has already begun to depreciate in value!  Isn’t that frustrating?  Let someone else buy it the first time!  You can find a great car that is Certified New Used.  We bought our Kia Sorento this way.  It was much cheaper and we still had the warranty and all the great dealership perks that the new cars came with, but with a much lower price tag.  We have owned it now for four years and it is still in great shape.  This will also help you pay your car off much faster when the total price is so much lower!



  • 4. Sports Equipment

Elliptical’s, treadmills and other exercise or sports equipment do not always wear out or break before someone is bored or done with using them.  Sometimes we decide to take up a certain sport or fitness regimen for a while only to switch to something else.  This would leave a perfectly good item for someone else to make use of.   Paying full price for brand new is not effective for your wallet when you can spend less.




  • 5. Books


Books are probably one of the most popular items we buy used.  I constantly swap books with friends and family!  My sister and I will frequently begin a trilogy and I’ll buy a book and she will buy a book and we will swap to whomever needs it next!  Educational books for school and college can be the most economical when buying used.  For more information on buying books on the cheap check out “Money Saving Tips When Buying Textbooks For School”.




  • 6. Instruments


Music Instruments can be very expensive!  This is a subject we will be discussing in my family very soon, as it is almost time for my daughter to pick her first instrument at school!  While I am very excited for her, I have already decided that it will be used, no matter which one she picks!  There is more than one reason for this.  Not only will it save money but what if she changes her mind and wants to learn to play something else!  I don’t want to pay full price for multiple instruments if I don’t have to.  Plus when you add in the possibility of it breaking, since it will be used by a novice child, I think I will be purchasing used!

Look at Music Go Round to buy online!


  • 7. Houses


A house is a great investment.  While it isn’t as great to own or buy your own home nowadays as it was say 20 years ago, most of us still yearn to become homeowners.  If you can do it right you will find a house with a mortgage lower that your city’s rental rates.  Buying a new construction home can be very costly because, well, it’s new!  Used doesn’t have to be 30+ years old.  A house as young as 2 years still qualifies as used if there was a previous owner.  Take a look and see what homes are available in your area.  I love to look through Realtor.com OR Zillow!



  • 8. Tools


My husband has an array of work tools in our garage and I think at least 90% are used.  Mostly handed down from his father and grandfather.  A good tool will last forever.  If you do not have a family member to swap tools with, consider a yard sale or garage sale.  Most times people will buy a specific tool for a set project and when they are done want to get rid of it.  You will benefit from this by not having to pay the full price!

Find buy and sell used tools online at We Buy Tools.