8 Tips For Planning a Bridal Shower That Won’t Bust the Budget!

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Bridal showers can be so much fun to plan and attend. They can also become very costly when putting together. Here is a list of tips and ideas to have a fabulous shower for less!


1. Invitations

Anything pretty and simple will do. Check the Dollar Store, grab an invitation kit at the craft store or some pretty paper and envelopes to hand write them yourself. If you do not want to spend money on postage. Look for a fancy Evite site and send them digitally. A Free one I’ve found is Punchbowl.com.

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2. Location

The location can be costly, for this reason you may want to have the shower at your house or another friend or family member’s house. If not, brainstorm a list of any local clubs that you may be a member of. For example my family had an American Legion membership for a long time and an event rental was really affordable. You may even know someone who works in the restaurant business that can find you an inside deal.


3. Food

Finger Foods like BBQ Meatballs, Crackers and Cheese Or Veggie Tray can be perfect. They are easy to put together and the cost is minimal in comparison to a full meal. One of the newest ideas I have run across is a “Potluck Recipe Shower” This way each guest brings a dish, the recipe and an essential item used in making the dish. The food is then absolutely free!


4. Decorations

The Decor is super fun to find and put together. Think of a theme! Does the engaged couple like the beach? Fill a few Vases with seashells. Also, find a recent picture of the engaged couple and display it in a nice frame. Be sure to check Pinterest as well! You will find an array of ideas and crafts that can be done easily with little to no cost.

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5. Games, Prizes And Party Favors

Games can be almost free! Have someone who is close to the bride write the story of how the couple began. For example, where they met, their first date, how they got engaged. Use the words left and right many times through the story and guests have to pass the prize left or right. Whomever it lands on at the end of the story is the prize winner. Another idea is to buy a few rolls of toilet paper and divide guests up into teams and see who can create the best wedding gown! You can even find some free printable games online like “Bridal Bingo” Or “Wedding Scramble”. Prizes and party favors can be candy, candles, mini lotions or a small package or homemade cookies.


6. The Cake OR Cupcakes!

No need to get a fancy bakery cake. Grab a cupcake stand and frost the cupcakes in the wedding colors. You can even put the cupcakes together in the form of a wedding dress. All you need is two boxes of cake mix and ample frosting. Add some plastic charms or bakery toothpick flags to adorn the top of each cupcake.


7. Guest List

Keep the guest list limited to close friends and family members. That way you will not need to worry about having a huge amount of food, favors and drinks.


8. Split the Cost or the duties

It can be overwhelming to plan an entire party on your own. Grab a family member of the bride or just a good friend that you each have in common and ask them if they would like to help you plan the shower. Let them choose one or two things to plan and take off your list of things to be done! Most times people are honored to be asked and have fun getting involved.