8 Tips To Help You Save More At Dollar General

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Dollar stores are hotter than ever; they offer great buys, and are literally right around the corner.  Dollar General is one of the most popular dollar stores, and with a few tricks, it can be your local source for max savings.


  • 1) Use Manufacturer Coupons!


    • DG accepts any manufacturer coupons, including at-home printables.  They do not accept free item coupons, but will accept BOGO coupons.  View the entire coupon policy here.   In my experience, they will not accept a coupon that exceeds the price of the item despite what the policy says.  (IE a $3 coupon will be rejected for a $1 item) You might be able to ask your cashier to key in the coupon for the actual cost of the item, but I’ve never had any luck with that.
    • DG accepts digital mfr coupons too!  Download your coupons on their site.  Most of the coupons listed on the page are manufacturer coupons, so you can not use paper coupons with them unless it is a store coupon. Enter your phone number at checkout, and the coupons will be automatically applied.


  • 2) Use Store Coupons!

    • Print store coupons right on DG’s webpage.  Any DG store coupon can be stacked with a mfr coupon for max savings.


  • 3) Save $5 on $25 Purchase Coupons.

    • DG offers $5 off $25, or similar, coupons frequently.  These coupons will print on your receipt, can be printed online, or added digitally.
    • In most cases, these coupons are only valid for one day, usually a Friday or Saturday.
    • You can only use one per transaction, but I’ve never had problems doing multiple transactions.
    • This coupon is a store coupon and will deduct a percentage off each item in your basket, so no other store coupons can be used with it.
    • Get your total to $25, then give this coupon FIRST!  Then, give your mfr coupons next.  This is a great way to pay little out of pocket!
      • The internet printable of this coupon actually instructs the cashier to scan the $5 coupon first if you ever have any trouble with this.
      • Remember, they typically don’t allow coupons that exceed the value of an item and each of these items will get the store discount first which will change the value by 20%.  ie If I buy five items at $5 each, every item would be reduced to $4, a deduction of 20% each.  Therefore, I could not use a coupon for more than $4 on each item.  This is particularly important on their $1 items which will reduce to $0.80.


  • 4) Look for Tearpad Coupons!


    • My local stores are phenomenal sources for tearpad coupons.  Keep your eyes open for high value store and mfg. coupons.







  • 5) Watch for Clearance Aisles


    • There is usually a dedicated clearance aisle that will give you some great bargains.  If you are lucky, items will go as low as $0.01!  Those items are not generally marked as penny, so you need to know the code for MAX savings!  Almost all tags will have a season and year on it.  There are no guarantees, but you might get a surprise $.01 deal on the older items.
      • SP- Spring, FA – Fall, SU- Summer, WI – Winter
      • The year will be the last two digits of the year.
      • An item with a tag for SP14 will be from Spring 2014.
    • Check their clothing sections.  They will have signs that indicate the discount plus a color/shape to look for on the tag.  This is a great way to get clothes for little ones.  The clothing is decent quality and you’ll get one season’s wear out of it for sure.
    • DG has great holiday and seasonal clearance offers.  They’ve even advertised $0.25 clearance sales!


  • 6) Find Your $1 Aisle


    • Look for the $1 aisle which will include both store-brand and name-brand items all priced at $1.  When paired with mfr coupons, you can score some real deals in this aisle.
    • Some name brand items you can find include Hefty zipper bags, Rephresh feminine care, Curad bandages, Crest, and lots more.





  • 7) Check the Weekly Ad!


    • The weekly ads are a great source to find out about some of their best deals, especially their BOGO deals.  You can find the ad in your newspaper or online.