8 Ways To Save On Your Next Furniture Purchase

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At some point we all need a new furniture item.  It doesn’t need to be “Brand New” to be new to You!  My family is in soon need of new couches and end tables for our living room.  They are over ten years old now and for me, that means it is time to start looking into the deals.  I don’t like to be on the lookout for something that is in desperate need.  I like to take my time and try different approaches to find my new household item at the best price possible!  There is nothing worse than buying a new recliner only to find it on clearance in another store a week later!  Follow some of these tips when browsing for your next piece of furniture for your home!


  • 1. Online Shopping

This may seem scary to think of buying furniture online.  You can’t sit or lay on it, feel it or open and close drawers and hinges to see the type of quality.  The one way to overcome this downfall is to find a trusted site and follow the product reviews on the style, type or brand of item you are considering for your home.  Also, you will get a bigger variety online than on the floor of your local show room.  If you limit yourself to just is what is stores you may not find exactly what you are looking for and you may pay more because with more inventory equals more competition which gives you a bigger price comparison.  When shopping online keep your eyes peeled for advertised specials, discounts and coupon codes.  Look for a clearance section and FREE SHIPPING as well!

Try Sites Like:

  • Wayfair : “Wayfair You’ve Got Just What I Need”, I love their jingle.  They list exclusive deals everyday as well as Free Shipping over $49.00!  You should also receive a coupon when you enter your email for their weekly newsletters.
  • Value City Furniture : Shop their “On Sale” tab first!
  • Lowes Furniture:  Free Shipping on $49.00+!  Some items are even available for Free In Store Pick up!
  • Walmart:  Walmart also has Free Site To Store Pick Up and Free Shipping on orders over $50!
  • Amazon:  Right now they have some Coupons on Accent Furniture.  Be sure to browse areas of Amazon such as these to save you more!  Most items are eligible for Free Shipping, when orders are over $35.00!
  • 2. Second Hand Stores

Some people have rules for themselves when shopping second hand stores.  For example not buying anything with a cloth surface unless they plan on reupholstering it.  I myself have bought many tables and stands from second hand stores.  Sometimes they need a bit of a clean up or update but it is well worth the discounted price you pay!  Take a look, you may be surprised at what you find!  You may even love it more than something brand new!

  • 3. Garage Sales

Garage Sales are great!  Many times people are eager to get rid of furniture items to make room for new or even just to have it off their hands for an upcoming move.  This makes for great price reductions!  Grab your newspaper and pick out which sales you want to stop at this weekend!

  • 4. Shop The Clearance

No matter what I am shopping for I always start with what is on sale or Clearance. I look here first because I don’t want to waste my time on possibly spending more when there could be a cheaper alternative.  Items may be on clearance because they are the last of their line or style, they may have a small scratch or chip or have just hung around too long on the sales floor.  No matter what the reason check what is available in the clearance section.

  • 5. Consider Outdoor furniture

I love this option!  So many times you can find cute table and chair sets that look a lot like indoor furniture.  You may not be able to tell at all.  These items may go especially well in a sun room or breakfast nook.  The reason this is a good option is that they sell for a lower price.  Not as many people are on the lookout for outdoor items as indoor so the price comparison will be steeper.

  • 6. Shop Warehouses or Outlets

We bought our kitchen table for a great price at Wolf’s Outlet Store.  It was definitely cheaper than the regular store’s pricing.  It is now ten years old and holding up very well, especially since it has endured the terrible two’s of my two kiddos!  Check for any Warehouse or Outlet Stores near you and see what they have to offer and how it compares to your regular furniture stores.

  • 7. Negotiate

There is always room to negotiate.  Whether you are in a regular store, warehouse, second hand store or garage sale, it never hurts to ask for a lower price or even a possible discount.  Another option if the item you want is not on sale, ask for a possible upcoming sale.  Make friends with the sales associate and get the details on their sales rotation.  Maybe couches are on sale this month but next month your dresser drawers will be 15% off!  The simple inquiry could save you a bunch!


  • 8. Timing is Everything: Shop At The End Of The Month

Just like every other store and product there comes a time to bring in the new styles.  At the end of the month most furniture stores are eager to make room for new inventory and will have more available on sale.  Head to the stores the last week of the month and save more!