9 Types of Coupons and Where to Find Them!

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“Where can I find coupons?” We get this question a lot from people looking for more ways they can increase their savings. There are many places to be on the lookout for extra coupons! They come from a variety of sources – many of them are FREE.

Types of Coupons and Where to Look for Them:

Manufacturer Coupon: Manufacturer coupons are issued by manufacturers as an advertisement to entice you to buy their products. The most common place to find a mfg. coupon is in the Sunday coupon inserts. SmartSource, RedPlum and P&G will each have inserts in the Sunday paper throughout the month. New subscribers can sometimes sign up for a discount newspaper subscription – check here to see if there are any offers for your area.

Catalinas: Catalina coupons are named after Catalina Marketing who brought us the little box that the coupons print out from. Catalinas are coupons that print out at the register that are usually handed to you with your receipt. These coupons can be either store coupons or manufacturer coupons (it depends on the store promotions).

Store Coupons: These coupons are issued by the store you are shopping at and meant to be used at that specific store. These store coupons are issued in an attempt to “woo” you to their store. Many times store coupons can be stacked with a mfg. coupon for additional coupons so be sure to check the coupon policy at your stores.

Another great tip to remember is some stores will actually accept “Competitor Coupons” in an effort to “snag” your business away from their competitors. These store coupons that are issued at one store would actually be redeemable at another store that accepts their competitor coupons.

Blinkies: These coupons can be found in the little black boxes hanging on the shelf in front of the product they are for. You may notice a little blinking red light (an thus the name “Blinkies”.  They can be found in many grocery and retail stores. Be on the lookout as you head up and down the aisles – this is a good way to keep kids busy while you shop too (have them on the “lookout”). These are usually a mfg. coupon.

Peelies: These coupons are placed right on products like a peel away sticker. If you notice a peelie on a product you are buying, make sure you peel off the coupon because they can be used immediately on your purchase. These are normally a mfg. coupon.

Hangtags: These coupons are usually on found drinks, jellies, oils, syrups, laundry soaps and anything else that has a “neck” to hang the coupon tag on. Thus the name Hangtags because they “hang” off the product.

eCoupons: These are digital coupons that you will find online. You will pick the coupons that you want to use and then download them onto your shopper loyalty cards. There are many stores that offer eCoupons such as Kroger and Shoprite and even coupons.com has a digital coupons page. These coupons are usually considered a mfg. coupon and cannot be stacked.

Internet Printable: These coupons are found on the Internet from from coupon sites like Coupons.com, SmartSource and RedPlum. Some will be mfg. coupons and some will be store coupons. You are usually allowed to print 2 of each coupon during the month and companies will reset the coupons at the beginning of each month. Coupon Divas has links to the most popular coupon sites with most current coupons available.

You can also use the Coupon Database to search for all of the printable coupons we know of that are available on the Internet. This will save you a lot of time searching for them!

Tearpads: These are exactly what they sound like and can be found in many stores. They are the pads that are found by the products, sometimes on displays, in the front of stores, by the pharmacy, really just about anywhere in the store and you simply “tear” off a coupon that can be used immediately on your purchase of that product.