9 Ways to Make Money from Spring Cleaning

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Your house is a potential gold mine.  Seriously!  The ticket to some extra cash could be lurking in your attic, garage, or closets right now.  Here are a few tips on how to spring clean your way into extra cash, instead of just extra trash.

  • Sell your gadgets!


    • Organize your drawers and clean out all those old gadgets.  Your old smart phones can be sold for possibly more than you paid for them under contract.  The amount you’ll get varies depending on the phone, it’s condition, and if you still have the goodies that came with it in the box.  It’s not just phones you can get a pretty penny for, though.  Trade in laptops and tablets too.  Sites like Amazon and Best Buy are just a couple that’ll buy your tech.  If you have an older non-smart phone, you’ll do better on eBay.


  • Cash in your fashion!


    • Your gently used clothing can bring you some quick cash. You’ll get the best offers on name-brand clothes that are in-season, so you’ll get the most on spring and summer clothes.  Look for upscale resale shops like Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor to sell your clothes, shoes, or other fashions.  Shops like Once Upon a Child and Kid 2 Kid are great for kid’s clothes.  You can also try selling via a service like Thred-up or Like Twice online and you don’t even have to leave home.



  • Turn gift cards into gold.


    • Okay, not really.  But, if that gift card you got for Christmas is just collecting dust in your drawer.  Sites like Giftcardgranny and Raise can turn that gift card into something you’ll really use: cash.  Raise lets you set your own price and takes 15% of the sale, while Giftcardgranny will let you source it out through multiple resellers with some offering up to 93% of the card’s value or taking a cut of the sale.



  • Let your books earn you bucks!


    • Load up those books and go to a local reseller like Half-Priced Books or try online.  Sites like Powells.com, Cash4books.net, and Bookbyte let you enter your book’s ISBN number to determine price.  They’ll send you a prepaid label for the books that you decide to sell.  Current textbooks and newer titles will get you the best buy, but you might still be able to get enough for a latte from those old books too.



  • Sell your sports gear!


    • If your family has outgrown sports equipment, take it up to a local Play it Again Sports to sell for some cash. It’s a great way to clear the closets, and get some cash.  You can also check Bass Pro Shops and REI for seasonal trade-in events on bicycles, fishing gear, and more.




  • Your media might get you some money!

    • Quality DVDs, CDs, and Video Games can be sold locally to shops like Half Price Books, GameStop, and Movie Trading Company.  Or check online at decluttr, SecondSpin, or Amazon to see what you can make there.  Like the books we mentioned before, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label to send the items to them.  Save the media without artwork or cases for a garage sale or thrift store.  Most of these places will require original cases, artwork, and UPC code before they’ll give you an offer.


  • Auction your antiques or collectibles.


    • If you know you have an antique on hand, you can get a tidy sum by setting it up to sell at auction. Look for local auction houses where you can set a minimum bid for your item.  Alternatively, you can sell to an antiques dealer.  To get the most for your piece, price it through at least three dealers then take the best offer. If you have collectibles like vintage toys, eBay is a good bet.  You can also sell vintage items on Etsy!



  • Earn money for your magazines.


    • Of course, you can always sell your current editions to Half Price Books and other book resellers, but if you have older magazines, you might have a potential money-maker on your hands!  Look for vintage ads in your magazines and sell the full pages on eBay or Etsy!  I saw ads going anywhere from $5 to $50, and it looked like the bestsellers were those already framed and ready to hang in someone’s man cave or office.




  • Forget the yard sale and opt for selling the rest online.


    • Yes, you can sell all your stuff in a yard sale and get rid of it in just a day or two, but you know as well as I do that you’ll get pennies on the dollar at best.  Try selling on your local Facebook garage sale group instead.  There are thousands of them, and it’s a much more profitable way to sell your stuff.  You can also try Craigslist.  List your best items individually with pictures, and put the smaller stuff in lots (i.e. 20 Disney DVDs for $20)