Back To School Clothes Shopping: Buy Trendy Clothes for Less!

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Back to school shopping is in full swing and if your kids are like most, they love stores like Hollister, Aeropostale, Lucky and Coach! Shopping at these stores doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. If you know how to shop and where to look in the stores, you can actually score some great deals and not spend a lot.

I shopped at Hollister and Justice (for the younger girls) and although I did much better at Hollister during this trip – ticket price of my sale was around $375 but you know I would never pay that much! Take a look at the video to see what I scored and how much I spent!

Tips for Back To School Shopping – Get Trendy Clothes for Less!

  1. Sign up for Newsletters:
    I have a separate email account that I use for receiving email from the stores I like to shop at. Most stores will send out notice of sales, but these sales are key when there is an additional discount off the clearance prices. Many stores will also send out printable or text coupons for you to use in the stores and some stores even allow these to be stacked on top of the already reduced prices!
  2. At the Stores:
    You are not necessarily looking for a Back to School Sale. Skip the front of the stores and head to the back because that is where they usually keep the BEST clearance and sale merchandise! Just because it is on clearance doesn’t mean it is not stylish anymore!
  3. Basics:
    If you need things like camis and tanks that you only really see the tops or bottoms of try to buy those at stores like Old Navy, Target or even Costco. You will usually pay much less than trendy stores and get the same stylish look you were going for.
  4. When Not to Buy:
    If you visit a store because you have a coupon or are there for a sale but it is pretty picked over, make sure you don’t get caught buying a bunch of other stuff just because you are there. I know this is hard when you have kids, but if you can convince them that there will be more deals and you will get it next time you can avoid those purchases you regret after you get home.

Keep in mind that most sales start in the middle to end of the week and run through Saturday. You will also find that printable coupons usually start in the middle of the week and run through Saturday with some continuing through the weekend! This is where you can save a bundle because you can almost always use the printable coupon on sale and clearance merchandise which makes for huge scores!

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