Back to School Shopping Tips (Part 2): $435 in Clothes for $101

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This is the second part in our Back to School Shopping Series and this time we’re talking about where to find the best sale. Which sales are considered good, and which should you take a pass on. This time I take on fashion and show you how to keep your kids in style as they head back to school, but still save money.

In this video, I am going to take advantage of a great clearance sale and then combine it with coupons to score $435 in great back to school clothes for $101 AFTER TAXES!

I love it when stores run their HUGE Clearance Sales. When you see a sales flyer advertising 75% off it is usually the time to shop. What you should also do is look for a printable coupon to save additional money on top of the clearance prices. You can really stretch your dollars when you use a coupon in combination with a sale. Most stores will allow you to use the coupon, just read the fine print before you head out. I find that you can buy your kids items that are on clearance right before school starts, they have new things to wear and they feel great. A few weeks after school starts, the next batch of clothes goes on clearance and you can pick up a few more items, NEVER paying full retail price for any of their clothes.

Where To Get The Coupons:

  1. If there is a printable coupon available (which they do several times a month), we will have it here for you.
  2. You can Text “123” to “527365” and JcPenney will send coupons to your phone when they have them (standard text message rates for your carrier apply).
  3. I get them in the mail too – I think I signed up for this through JcPenney (this is the first one I have received).
  4. If they run a sale ad during the week, many times you will find coupons in the ad.
  5. JcPenney is actually really great about having extra coupons at the register. If they are running a coupon – you can usually just ask if they have extras when you check out and they will apply the discount.

A Few Tips So You Don’t Go Over Your Budget:

  • Have your kids try on all their clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t
  • Make a note of your sizes.
  • Decide how much you will spend before you leave the house.
  • Make sure you have a list of what essentials you are going to buy.