Cheapest Places To Live In the U.S.

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Sometimes the strain on our budget isn’t just how we have it set up but also the direct reflection of the community we live in.  If you are in an area that has higher prices on housing, groceries and other amenities you will definitely feel the strain on your wallet.  I have had the experience of living in two different areas that are vastly different economically.  One trick to this is to live in the lower cost areas and work within the closest city that is of a higher cost of living.  There seems to be a correlation between income and housing costs.  For example my husband commutes an hour to work so that we can make the most out of his income.  His works in a city that we cannot afford to live in, but the income level there is higher than where we own our home.  This strategy may work for you when considering moving to any of these beautiful AND affordable places.


  • Fayettville, Arkansas


Fayettville Arkansas has made great efforts in creating and growing new businesses which has begun to drive their economy to flourish.  Fayettville has been called one of the best cities for start ups by many national organizations.  There is plenty to do in this city with a variety of amenities within a close range.  They also have great weather and high graduation rates.  The cost of living is 7.1% less than the national average. The cost of housing, healthcare and groceries is also below U.S. averages.  So if you are looking to relocate and start or bring your business with you, this is the place to go!

Source: Access Fayetteville / Areavibes


  • Temple, Texas


I love Texas, great weather, incredible food and so much to do when you are in the right cities! Temple Texas gets an 81 Livability Score from Area Vibes.   This score is based on good weather, high graduation rates, an abundance of amenities as well as a low cost of living compared to the national average.  There are so many things to do in Temple that you will feel like you are on a vacation right where you live.  The unemployment rate is 50% lower than the Nations unemployment rate as a whole.  These statistics make their quality of living not only more affordable but more successful.

Source:  Temple TxAreavibes


  • Augusta, Ga.


Augusta Georgia is beautiful, rich in history and offers affordable living on many levels. This City is top among the least expensive places to live in the Nation, an entire 15.5% lower!  The Median Rent comes in at $741 and Home Price as low as $102,800.  Another way to compare living rates is to know what some of your everyday items cost.  Grab a haircut for $12.00, see a movie for $7.75 and make burgers from ground beef for only $3.80/lb.!

Source:  Augusta Georgia /  Areavibes


  • Pueblo, Colo.


Pueblo Colorado offers beautiful skies and economic freedom.  Their Economic Development Corporation helps businesses start up, relocate and grow successfully.  An abundance of prosperous businesses makes for a healthy economy.  Pair that with a cost of living that is 17.1% less than the national average and your quality of living goes up in comparison to those of other urban cities of the same size.

Source: Pueblo Economic Development / Area Vibes


  • Memphis, Tenn.


If you are looking to move to a place where the average temperature is 61.9 degrees, and the price of a home is as low as $98,300, you will want to make the move to Memphis Tennessee! They offer a lot in culture at a low price.  The price of a loaf of bread is only $1.35!  This is a beautiful city to live and play on the cheap.

Source: Memphis, TNArea Vibes


  • Durham, N.C.


Durham North Carolina offers beautiful living at a beautiful price!!  If you are looking for great weather and an environment rich in theater, festivals, performing arts and more all at affordable prices you will love living in Durham.  Their median home rental rates are 6.3% lower than the national average.  I love to think of how much money can be saved with lower pricing like this!

Source: Durham / Area Vibes


  • Omaha, Neb


My dad is from Omaha so I am partial to this area.  Beautiful skies and resonable home costs.  When life is affordable it can be so much more enjoyable!  Grab a pizza for as low as $8.00 or a gallon of milk for only $2.21.  This is a couple dollars cheaper than where I live for sure!  Check out what Omaha has to offer your family!

Source: City Of OmahaArea Vibes