Clearance Shopping: Best Months for Great Deals!

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You can find clearance at almost any store year round, but there are certain months where clearance is in abundance and you will find great deals on a lot of stuff. I also try to use coupons whenever possible to maximize my savings. Many stores will allow you to do this and the savings really add up. Even if you pick things up a little at a time, you will still be saving so much in the long run. I am always scouting clearance racks and end caps for another great find!

This is a past video on my Halloween Clearance Shopping Score – but it gives you an idea of not only how much you can save, but also don’t forget that there are still holiday clearance items you can pick up that are good for everyday use!!

Some people don’t like to shop clearance others make a sport out of it – they get excited, plan for it and think it’s fun. That’s me!! If you are on the fence about clearance shopping, watch my video and I will show you why I clearance shop and think it’s a definite MUST! Why pay full price when you can get it this cheap?

Best Months for Clearance Shopping (if you have items to add, just leave a comment and I will get them added!)


  • Holiday Clearance: All sorts of decoration are marked down. You can score great deals on everything from trees to dinner plates and everything in between.
  • Toy Clearance: Leftover toys from holiday shopping are put on clearance out at many stores. Think birthday gifts and I hate to say it, but next Christmas!
  • January is usually the time for semi annual clearance sales at stores like Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works.
  • Winter clothes:  Towards the end of January you will start to see the clearance of clothes, shoes, boots, coats and other seasonal items.

March and April

  • Dresses, Easter Decorations etc. will go on clearance after Easter. Sales usually last a week on decorations.
  • March and April also bring more mark downs on winter clothes – You can score great deals, keep your eyes open!


  • Semi Annual Sales again at many stores


Toy Clearance at stores like Target. This is a great time to grab some early holiday gifts and put them away!


  • Summer Clearance on Clothing, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sandals etc.
  • Summer Toys, Beach items, even pools and picnic items, like Igloo Coolers


  • Back to School Item Clearance: As soon as school starts, stores will start to clearance their leftovers. This is a great time to pick up extra supplies for later in the year and an extra backpack.


  • Halloween Clearance goes on clearance sometimes the week of Halloween, but you can count on leftovers being marked down from November 1st usually through the first week of November and then it is gone.


  • Holiday Leftover Decorations, accessories, home items marked down on December 26th and the sales usually run into New Year’s Day with big mark downs for Jan. 1.
  • There are tons of sales during the last week of the month, many stores have inventory and liquidation so be on the lookout.